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No. 10: Polar Vortex

A liberal plot from climate-change apologists? That was radio personality Rush Limbaugh's take in January, after an Arctic sweep led to record-low temperatures from Wisconsin to Florida. The term "polar vortex" did smack of sci-fi mythology. Comedians and Twitter wags alike gleefully batted the phrase about. And, of course, these days there must be a sequel:

The polar vortex returned later in the year, although pundits pointed out that people were using the term all wrong . As far as Limbaugh’s suspicion that the the phrase was a liberal invention, The Wall Street Jounal pointed out that it goes as far back as Victorian England, when journalist John Capper wrote about a “great polar vortex” in a magazine called Household Words, edited by Charles Dickens.

The Year’s Obsessions

Vera H-C Chan
Senior Editor, Special Projects
Yahoo Tech

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2011’s fascination

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2013? Sorry, we got a little carried away. Here’s what people couldn’t stop looking up in 2014.