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4 Foods That Last Forever

While nearly everything in the kitchen has a shelf life, there are some pantry staples that don’t go bad when stored properly. These four foods could even outlast you.


Pure honey stays safe for consumption indefinitely. It may crystallize or change color, but it’s just fine. Revive crystallized honey by placing the jar in warm water and stirring until they dissolve.  

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Sugar doesn’t go bad because it can’t support bacterial growth. It doesn’t matter if it’s the white, brown or powdered variety. Be sure to place it in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dry spot to keep from hardening.

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Rice is another durable food. White, wild, jasmine and basmati rice can all stay fresh forever. But, brown rice won’t last as long because it has a higher oil content than the others.

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Whether it’s table, kosher or sea salt, it will last for hundreds of meals to come as long as you keep it away from moisture.

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