Iran and world powers must build confidence-Larijani


GENEVA, Oct 9 (Reuters) - Iran and world powers should focuson confidence-building at next week's talks on Tehran's disputednuclear programme, Iran's parliamentary speaker said onWednesday.

Ali Larijani, a former nuclear negotiator, declined to saywhether Iran would bring any concessions to the Oct. 15-16 talksin Geneva, but said: "It mostly concerns building confidencerather than a commercial give-and-take.

"The negotiations are indeed a window of opportunity,providing the parties are willing to use the window," he told anews conference in Geneva.

Western diplomats are playing down any suggestion thatIran's new openness on the world stage will result in anyimmediate or broad loosening of sanctions. Thetalks are with six powers - the five permanent members of theU.N. Security Council and Germany.

"I look at the upcoming negotiations positively," Larijanisaid. "A handful of countries which until very recently wereusing sanctions and levelling threats against my country havenow opted for a political solution to the whole matter. Thischange in itself is positive."

"If the collective will is at work here, if it takes up apolitical solution over others, then finding a resolution to thewhole problem would not be that difficult a task," he said, inremarks in Farsi translated into English by an Iranian diplomat.

Larijani, asked what Tehran required in order to normaliserelations with the United States, which were broken offfollowing the 1979 Islamic revolution, replied with a broadsmile: "They shouldn't sabotage the negotiations."

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