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Google Glass User: It’s “the Lighter Side of Surveillance”

Nicole Goodkind
Nicole Goodkind
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Google Glass User: It’s “the Lighter Side of Surveillance”

Don’t be concerned about Google Glass and personal privacy says Virginia Heffernan.

The Yahoo! News national correspondent who has been writing about her experiences with Glass tells The Daily Ticker that the product is no spying tool-- in fact it isn’t much more than a "small iPhone strapped to your head... If I were making a video of you right now you would see a blazing red eye looking at you,” she says.

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Despite the recent Congressional probe into the safety of Google Glass, Heffernan believes that the general outcry surrounding security issues and the product has been overblown.

“The same week [Google Glass] broke, the PRISM NSA project broke and they got lumped together but I’ve decided that this is the lighter side of surveillance,” she explains.

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Heffernan recognizes that the product is in beta and that there are still glitches that need to be sorted through before Glass can be released to the general public but is overall incredibly positive on the gadget.

“There’s something that feels like American progress with this where other devices haven’t,” she says. “Apple’s products seems elitist and like a status symbol where this seems more like ‘Oh cool, a Model-T or a cotton gin.”

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BI Intelligence projects that Google Glass will become an $11 billion market by 2018 with 21 million units sold annually. “It seems a little more middlebrow or middle class,” says Heffernan. Perhaps a new technology for the Average Joe?

Watch the video above to see the one secret feature of Google Glass that could change the way we approach the internet.

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