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NamePrice (Intraday)Change% ChangeMarket CapVolume in Currency (Since 0:00 UTC)Volume in Currency (24Hr)Total Volume All Currencies (24Hr)Circulating Supply52 Week RangeDay Chart
Bitcoin USD66,620.43-234.45-0.35%1.312T24.369B24.369B24.369B19.689M
Ethereum USD3,229.00+19.60+0.61%394.095B11.171B11.171B11.171B122.048M
Tether USDt USD0.999923-0.000769-0.08%110.455B50.891B50.891B50.891B110.464B
BNB USD603.58+1.44+0.24%90.256B1.391B1.391B1.391B149.533M
Solana USD156.10-2.16-1.36%69.785B2.911B2.911B2.911B447.048M
USD Coin USD0.999869-0.000389-0.04%33.634B5.865B5.865B5.865B33.639B
Lido Staked ETH USD3,223.76+11.09+0.35%30.08B71.913M71.913M71.913M9.331M
XRP USD0.544149-0.009019-1.63%29.998B1.401B1.401B1.401B55.129B
Dogecoin USD0.161350+0.000730+0.45%23.236B1.093B1.093B1.093B144.011B
Toncoin USDTON11419-USD
Toncoin USD5.7203-0.2907-4.84%19.857B298.563M298.563M298.563M3.471B
Cardano USD0.500762-0.014956-2.90%17.844B408.19M408.19M408.19M35.634B
Shiba Inu USD0.000027+0.000000+0.73%15.929B745.844M745.844M745.844M589.289T
Avalanche USD38.84-0.46-1.18%14.683B373.635M373.635M373.635M378.02M
Polkadot USD7.2619-0.2053-2.75%10.434B210.131M210.131M210.131M1.437B
Wrapped Bitcoin USDWBTC-USD
Wrapped Bitcoin USD66,613.95-305.59-0.46%10.351B176.856M176.856M176.856M155,383
Bitcoin Cash USDBCH-USD
Bitcoin Cash USD506.42-12.21-2.35%9.974B320.323M320.323M320.323M19.696M
Wrapped TRON USD0.112785+0.000998+0.89%9.878B1.762M1.762M1.762M87.581B
TRON USD0.112781+0.001053+0.94%9.877B269.548M269.548M269.548M87.581B
Chainlink USD15.24-0.20-1.30%8.947B290.443M290.443M290.443M587.1M
NEAR Protocol USD6.9688-0.1138-1.61%7.424B479.957M479.957M479.957M1.065B
Polygon USD0.738328-0.004503-0.61%7.309B232.128M232.128M232.128M9.899B
Internet Computer USDICP-USD
Internet Computer USD14.56-0.50-3.29%6.744B150.47M150.47M150.47M463.076M
Litecoin USD86.24+0.87+1.02%6.421B330.977M330.977M330.977M74.456M
Hedera USD0.163956+0.073590+81.44%5.86B1.918B1.918B1.918B35.743B
Wrapped HBAR USD0.163055+0.072207+79.48%5.828B754,685754,685754,68535.743B
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    Expert's two key criteria for investing in crypto

    Bitcoin (BTC-USD) is up over 50% year-to-date as the digital asset continues to garner attention, most recently with the 'bitcoin halving', in which the reward for bitcoin mining is cut in half. While some have labeled crypto as a volatile asset, could it still be worth it to add to one's portfolio? Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals (DACFP) Founder Ric Edelman joins Wealth! to give insight into investing in crypto after the bitcoin halving event and what investors need to keep in mind when adding to their portfolios. Edelman outlines his two key criteria for investing in bitcoin: "Number one, are you a long-term investor? And number two, do you own a diversified portfolio? Meaning if you are of the mind that you want to own a little bit of everything, stocks, bonds, government securities, real estate, oil, gold, foreign assets, emerging markets, then crypto belongs in that portfolio just like everything else. The whole point to a diversified portfolio is to reduce your risks. Don't have all your eggs in one basket. You want to diversify. So the more you diversify, the better off you're going to be from a risk perspective. " For more expert insight and the latest market action, click here to watch this full episode of Wealth! This post was written by Nicholas Jacobino

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    Will Bitcoin’s New BIP Editors Streamline Development?

    Five new editors were added to help speed up the process of approving and merging Bitcoin Improvement Proposals.

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    Bitcoin's 200-Day Average Is Approaching a Record High; Here's Why It Matters

    The 200-day simple moving average is one of the most widely tracked indicators of the long-term trend.

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    Ripple Says $10M Penalty Enough, Rejects SEC’s Ask of $1.95B Fine in Final Judgment

    Ripple Labs filed its opposition on Monday against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) proposal to ask a New York judge to impose a nearly $2 billion fine against the company behind the XRP Ledger blockchain.

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    Bitcoin's Post-Halving Demand to Be 5x Greater Than Supply, Bitfinex Estimates

    The new BTC supply added to the market could drop to $30 million per day, according to Bitfinex.

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    Bitcoin could reach $150k by year's end: SunnySide Digital CEO

    Bitcoin prices (BTC-USD) are rallying after the highly anticipated halving event occurred on Friday. SunnySide Digital Founder and CEO Taras Kulyk joined Yahoo Finance to discuss the outlook for the cryptocurrency in the post-halving landscape. Kulyk notes that the rally in bitcoin prices this year was attributed to factors such as geopolitical instability and the introduction of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that saw massive inflows. Since the halving, he points out that new protocols have launched, driving "developer and transaction fee" values for mining companies. According to Kulyk, this current halving demonstrated "the adoption, integration [of bitcoin] into overall global portfolios." With bitcoin increasingly being viewed as "a supplement to gold" in various global markets, he describes it as "a safe-haven asset." Kulyk foresees bitcoin prices potentially reaching the $100,000 to $150,000 threshold by the end of 2024. For more expert insight and the latest market action, click here to watch this full episode of Market Domination. This post was written by Angel Smith

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    Stacks Begins 2-Step Rollout of Major ‘Nakamoto’ Overhaul

    The upgrade seeks to solve congestion issues, and will officially launch in May.

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    How the Bitcoin Halving Will Drive Action to Layer 2s

    On April 20 Bitcoin underwent its fourth successful halving, the programmed slashing of the amount of new bitcoin {{BTC}} that enters into circulation via mining. The launch of Runes, a new protocol that enables the creation of meme coins on Bitcoin, coincided with the halving. Already hundreds of tokens have launched, contributing over $80 million in fees to bitcoin miners.

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    Bitcoin has 'perfect correlation' with ETF flows: Strategist

    Bitcoin's (BTC-USD) halving, a once-every-four-year event that divides the rewards for mining bitcoin and limits the number of bitcoin in circulation, occurred over the weekend. FS Investments Chief Market Strategist Troy Gayeski weighs in on the gains that could come to bitcoin prices post-halvening and more investors adopt crypto into their portfolios. "Classically, wherever you have new supply constrained... and demand stays constant, you get higher prices. Bitcoin is an incredibly cyclical asset, we'd expect more upside," Gayeski tells the Morning Brief. "The cautionary note, though, it's unclear to everyone how much of that upside is priced in, because you had the ETF flows, the approval, the surge, and you already made new highs prior to the halving, which had never been done before..." Want to learn more about the bitcoin halving? Watch this video from Yahoo Finance for a quick explainer: Bitcoin halving: Explained For more expert insight and the latest market action, click here to watch this full episode of Morning Brief. This post was written by Luke Carberry Mogan.

  • Yahoo Finance Video

    Want to invest in bitcoin after halving? What to consider

    Over the weekend, bitcoin (BTC-USD) went through its halving event, which is where the reward for mining bitcoin is reduced by half once every four years. With the event came rising optimism in the cryptocurrency space from mining operators, but did it bring new opportunities for those looking to invest in the digital asset? 401 Financial Principal & Founder Tyrone Ross joins Wealth! to give insight into the crypto market and what investors should consider before buying into bitcoin. Ross offers this advice: "The halving shouldn't change anything there. It's literally written in the code... it's just going to continue. It's not this special thing or magical event that makes bitcoin any more or less compelling to invest. If you loved it two or three years ago, you should think about loving it now and continuing to learn. With that said, folks that are thinking about getting in, the halving is something that you should learn about and realize... the decrease in supply.. .But some of the other dynamics that are out there with the bitcoin ETFs, the price of running up into an all-time high before this halving, which is the first time this happened. Things like that I think are interesting to learn. And if it would still make sense for you from a long-term time horizon it would make sense to buy then, but not a second before." Want to learn more about the bitcoin halving? Watch this video from Yahoo Finance for a quick explainer: Bitcoin halving: Explained For more expert insight and the latest market action, click here to watch this full episode of Wealth! This post was written by Nicholas Jacobino