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Baylor homecoming float mocks school administrators

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Baylor school officials were probably hoping for a quiet homecoming weekend after an investigation looking into their handling sexual assault cases shook the campus. The NoZe brothers were not.

The NoZe brotherhood, a secret society on campus, took part in Baylor’s homecoming parade. Known for their pranks that have gotten them routinely banned from campus activities, they didn’t shy away from throwing a little shade at school administrators this year while they’re in between banishment periods.

NoZe members walked behind a truck that was dragging a rug, sweeping underneath it as it made its way through the parade. The not-so-subtle dig is referencing Baylor officials’ actions when dealing with sexual assault allegations that were recently put to light in the Pepper Hamilton investigation.

The report found the coaching staff was complacent in handling numerous sexual assault allegations against its players. In some cases, Baylor took two years to investigate sexual assault reports when it was required by federal law to immediately address those sorts of allegations.

As a result of the reports, Baylor head coach Art Briles was fired and the school demoted university president Ken Starr to a law school professor, and he eventually resigned.

NoZe’s satirical swipe today happened a few months after Ken Starr’s departure, but it doesn’t mean that some within the university want the administration to forget it. Attendees on social media were tickled by the jab, some calling for the replacement of the Board of Trustees with NoZe members.

Let’s start with not being banned first.

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