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Destiny 2 to launch on PC exclusively via Battle.net

Bungie’s upcoming sci-fi shooter Destiny 2 got its first gameplay reveal today, and Blizzard has also announced that it will be partnering with Bungie exclusively for the game’s PC release.

That’s right, Destiny 2 will be launched on PC exclusively via the app formerly known as Battle.net, Blizzard’s own digital distribution platform. Users will have the option to purchase the game using their Blizzard Balance.

The release marks the first time a non-Blizzard game will be added to the Battle.net platform. This was done to avoid extending the development period for the game. Destiny 2 will mark the franchise’s debut on PC.

The addition of Destiny 2 will also see it supported by Battle.net’s cross-game social features. For example, players will be able to chat with their Battle.net friends playing Destiny 2 and see them playing the game the same way they’d be able to if they were playing Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, or StarCraft II.

Destiny 2’s servers will be operated by Bungie. The game does not currently have a release date. For more information on Destiny 2, check out our round-up of today’s gameplay reveal.

According to the announcement, Blizzard currently does not have short or long-term plans to support third-party games with Battle.net.

In March this year, Blizzard announced it was changing the name of Battle.net to Blizzard App. The change came as part of Blizzard’s plan to retire the Battle.net name and focus on “Blizzard” as the main branding for all current and upcoming services, starting with Blizzard Streaming and Blizzard Voice. However, the official Destiny 2 announcement dubbed the service Battle.net.

Destiny 2 will be coming to PC via Battle.net. (Bungie)