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Don't ask Jamie Foxx about Katie Holmes on live TV

So here’s a lesson to all broadcasters who land an interview with Jamie Foxx: Don’t ask about his love life.

In fairness to ESPN’s Michael Smith, it really was a lighthearted question.

With Foxx stopping by Smith’s “SportsCenter” show before playing in the NBA’s Celebrity Game during All-Star Weekend, Smith was joking around and brought up the movie “Love & Basketball” while asking if Foxx and his girlfriend, Katie Holmes, ever go one-on-one.

Foxx, however, was not laughing.

The actor took a moment to listen to the first part of the question, but as soon as Smith brought up Holmes he immediately stood up, took his headset off and walked away, leaving Smith wondering what had just happened.

The best part here is clearly the brief second where Foxx considers responding to Smith, though you can tell it wasn’t about to be anything polite.

Instead, Foxx did what we’ve all been raised to do and decided if he didn’t have anything nice to say he was just going to stand up and walk away from an interview on live TV.

The All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles is off to magnificent start and it’s only Friday.

Actor Jamie Foxx banters with with TV personality Rachel DeMita during the NBA All-Star celebrity basketball game in Los Angeles. (AP Photo)

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