Highly Capable and Fluently Conversant AI-Powered NPCs, Characters, and Avatars Launch within the Aftermath Islands Metaverse

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AI-enabled virtual brand ambassadors will provide players with round-the-clock service and information

Bridgetown, Barbados, Feb. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

 Aftermath Islands, a virtual world made of highly realistic theme-based islands and communities, has developed advanced, AI-powered Non-Player Characters (NPCs) for the entire Aftermath Islands Metaverse. These avatars are capable of providing fully interactive conversations and experiences for both players and commercial entities within the Metaverse, complete with Aftermath Islands’ high-fidelity graphics and no-download experience.

The AI technology that powers these avatars uses OpenAI GPT3, an advanced deep-learning AI model that uses over 175 billion parameters – 100 times as many as ChatGPT, the highly articulate language model – to create exceptionally detailed NPC avatars that are infinitely trainable and can deliver customizable and programmable engagement capabilities across the Metaverse. These NPCs can be used for commercial opportunities to create virtual brand ambassadors operating in virtual settings or branded locations, and they can also converse with platform participants, provide information, recommend products and services, and manage website, provide support and/or eCommerce initiatives to improve user engagement and activation – all from right within the Metaverse.

According to David Lucatch, Managing Director of Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited, “Artificial Intelligence applications such as OpenAI GPT3 provide cost effective opportunities for brands, retailers, educators, travel and tourism operators, governments, and other organizations to move from static-based information push models to the truly interactive capabilities in the Metaverse, creating new and innovative ways to create awareness, engagement, activation, and conversion. We are already seeing strong commercial interest, as AI-powered avatars can naturally interact with users and can recommend solutions that can be “clicked” within Aftermath Islands to instantly launch access to a host of web activities such as eCommerce sites that support revenue-based activities and 24/7 automated and intelligent customer service and support.”

Aftermath Islands is leveraging significant leaps in AI capabilities to enable more robust, engaging, and intelligent conversations between players, platform participants, NPC guides, and virtual brand representatives across Aftermath Islands’ estates, communities, and in-game activities.

Aftermath Islands also uses the Liquid Avatar Mobile App and Meta Park Pass™ which uses Proof of Humanity to provide verification of user accounts. This helps eliminate fraudulent activities, duplicate and fake accounts and bots. This technology has been deployed in Aftermath Islands’ first Play-to-Earn game titled Lost Kingdom of T’Sara; not only it allows users to sign in with their biometrics, thereby eliminating the need for usernames and passwords, but ensures the validity of user accounts, guarantees one account per user, and supports the collection of approximately 1.2 billion gaming resources across the entire Aftermath Islands Metaverse. It has also facilitated the creation of over 1.5 million Resource Pack NFTs for use on the platform and is a central component of in-game peer-to-peer trade, item creation, and inventory management. Finally, it plays an important role in improving P2P activities revolving around the creation of engaging and interactive activities such as work, play, education, earning, and socialization within the Aftermath Islands Metaverse.

To celebrate the 1 million Resource Pack NFTs minting milestone, Aftermath Islands has launched several programs and celebrations for players, ambassadors and affiliates. A land giveaway with 30,000 Community Island single plots up for grabs, has been announced. Each plot has an approximate retail value of USD 35. Land will be delivered each Wednesday, starting February 15, 2023, to LKoT players who have WAX wallets connected to their Aftermath Islands accounts. Additionally, there are several surprise giveaways for new and existing users with a wide range of fun and usable game items and resources.

To promote the growth of the platform, Aftermath Islands is also launching the LKoT Ambassador Program. Ambassadors will earn $10 in Aftermath Islands Metaverse Gift Cards for every new LKoT sign-up that uses their unique LKoT referral code. Similar bonuses can be earned by players who are not ambassadors thanks to the referral program. In the referral program, new players that come to LKoT using a referrer’s link will help the referrer earn a starting bonus, with in-game bonuses increasing with every new player who joins.

Finally, Aftermath Islands has announced its Affiliate Program through which players can earn commissions from the sale of Aftermath Islands Metaverse virtual land and items.

Details on these programs and how to enroll can be found at https://aftermathislands.com/one-million/.

Aftermath Islands has generated over $2 million in retail sales since late 2021 and continues to generate sales every month. Players spend approximately 70 minutes daily on the platform, and the company continues working on the launch of its full Metaverse platform which will be complete with AI-powered NPC guides that can be leveraged by brands and companies in countless innovative ways to drive growth, revenue, and engagement.

To review a demo of the Liquid Avatar Mobile App and the Meta Park Pass™, please visit here.

About Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited – www.aftermathislands.com

Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited is a Barbados corporation, which is 50% owned and is controlled by Oasis Digital Studios Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc (CSE:LQID / OTC:LQAVF).

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is an open-world, realistic graphic virtual world where users can buy, develop, trade, and sell Virtual Land (VL), property and items, like buildings, crafted items, transport, and other items all through in-game collectible NFTs, a non-fungible token that represents the ownership of virtual and other items. Built on cutting-edge blockchain technologies and using GPU cloud servers, pixel streaming, and the high-fidelity graphics of Unreal Engine 5, Aftermath Islands delivers rich, no download, browser-based experiences for users on desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

From play-to-earn games, including the Lost Kingdom of T’Sara, to online experiences, collaboration, immersive entertainment, and more, Aftermath Islands brings live streaming, high-definition graphics, exemplary interactivity, real-world mechanics, and countless new services and experiences to players all around the world. The platform is built on the philosophy of decentralization and economic inclusivity and promises to provide captivating experiences that allow people around the world to earn their way into virtual land ownership.

For more information about Aftermath Islands, please visit www.aftermathislands.com


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