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The Jaguars have created an all-teal playoff menu, including a teal cheeseburger

With the wild-card round of the NFL playoffs starting in mere days, teams are getting their stadiums ready for excited fans, who will arrive with a hunger for winning. And the Jacksonville Jaguars hope that their fans will also arrive with a hunger for some seriously weird looking food.

On Thursday, the Jaguars released photos of their special Jaguars-themed playoff menu. There are no jaguars in the food (whew), but it definitely has a theme. A very bright theme.

The Jaguars will be selling this teal cheeseburger during the playoffs. (Twitter/@WillBrinson)

That is a teal cheeseburger, teal ice cream, and teal beer. Everything presumably tastes normal, it just has a shockingly teal appearance to echo the Jaguars’ team colors.

There are two ways to approach these teal food items. On one hand, it’s the playoffs, so why not go all out! It’s all about team spirit and fan enthusiasm and teal food can certainly be part of that. On the other hand, that teal cheeseburger just looks *weird.* And not in an “I want to eat that” kind of way, but a “do I have to eat that?” kind of way. The teal beer and teal ice cream are fine, but the teal cheeseburger might be a bridge too far. It looks like a photo of a burger with an Instagram filter has come to life.

It’s not the first time that colored cheeseburgers have been tried. A few years ago, Burger King Japan introduced an all-black burger (including the bun, sauce, and cheese, yuck), and a burger with bright red buns. Both were available for a limited time, just like this teal cheeseburger.

But who knows what the future holds. If the Jaguars blow out the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, teal cheeseburgers could be seen again. Is that a good thing? Only the fans who are daring enough to try it can decide.

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