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Kleangas Executes LOI to Form Joint Venture with Global Energy Technologies (UK) for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Devices for Remote Clean Sustainable Power in Europe and the Middle East

Largo, FL (August 22nd, 2013) - KleanGas Energy Technologies, Inc. (KGET) announced the Company has entered into an LOI to form a joint venture to develop hydrogen energy devices with Global Energy Technology, developers of patent pending clean energy technologies and other components of remote power for the oil and gas exploration industry.

KleanGas President William Wylie stated, “Global Energy has shown itself to be a leader in developing clean energy technologies for the oil and gas exploration industry.” Wylie further stated, “Global’s current team of technological expertise is wide ranging in the areas of nanotechnology, physics, and chemistry. Global Energy (UK) will allow KleanGas to further the development of its oxy-hydrogen generator systems for use in remote power generation, for cleaner burning, reduced emission, and improved efficiencies for most types of sustainable power for gensets, transport, construction equipment, and remote industrial power.”

Managing Director of Global Steriwave Group, Francesco Fucilla, stated "Our group is continuously evaluating complimentary technologies in the furtherance of its quest for delivering clean green renewable energy projects. Kleangas’s advancement in the field of Hydrogen nanotechnology will greatly assist Global in its ultimate goals in providing remote clean sustainable power.”

About Global

Global Energy Technologies PLC (UK) (www.gek-ltd.com) is primarily focused on green renewable energy and environmental technologies. Global‘s current portfolio of technological projects is wide ranging covering the important area of Clean sustainable energy for remote power, for remote locations. Global’s portfolio consists of technological project developments, in areas of Hydrogen for Energy, Waste Heat to Energy, Microwave Heating and Sterilizing Systems and Ultrasonic Cascade Reactor for the treatment of liquid hazardous waste. The company is presently negotiating projects in the North America, Mediterranean Countries, Northern Europe and the Middle East. The company has developed technology that has the ability to complement the future development and success of Kleangas’s current and proposed projects.

About Kleangas

KleanGas Energy Technologies is a research and development company dedicated to producing alternative clean technologies that promote energy efficiency throughout a wide range of applications. KleanGas designs, develops and markets various technologies including Oxy-Hydrogen on-demand generators, Reverse Fuel Cells, solar to Hydrogen, Welding, Cutting and other products to deliver a clean gas that provides energy savings, emissions reductions, on diesel, natural gas applications or fuel cells. All of our products are designed to assist companies in reducing operational costs, providing a competitive advantage and increasing our customer’s profitability.

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