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Knock off early with 7 awesome browser games

Lauren Hockenson

It’s Friday, and even better, it’s the first day of summer. Why not kick back in your cubicle and have a little fun?

Thanks to the world of modern design, a great game is no more than a click away. With no portals, no log-ins and no download times, the beauty of a browser game is its simplicity and casual fun. In the time it takes you to type in a web address, you can start playing a game in any one of many genres, and leave it whenever you want (or when your boss comes snooping around your desk).

Here’s a roundup of seven great games that get the fun going as soon as you click the link. If your co-workers catch you, it’s not our fault.

The 100 Meter Scroll: Think you have the fastest mouse in town? Are your reflexes as sharp as a knife? This quick game has a simple design — just scroll “100 meters” as fast as you can. If you have a little bit of ingenuity and some willing cohorts, this is an easy game to race with friends. Just be careful not to break your scroll wheel.

BombermineClassic gaming fans: if you haven’t already tried it, Bombermine should be your first stop to retro nirvana. Imagine the largest game of Bomberman in the world, complete with funky avatars, difficult battles and tons of chaos. Bombermine is an addictive game that shows off the best parts of playing Bomberman with friends.

SamorostPuzzling, poignant and a little strange, Samorost is an interplanetary point-and-click adventure that operates on the simplest of actions: just clicking around. However, once those clicks start to come together, really beautiful things begin to snowball into answers for even the most difficult puzzles. It’s not too long, but worth a play if you’re just looking for a little experience to unwind your brain.

Roll ItDo you have your phone handy? Well, time to play skee ball! Roll.it, a mobile/browser experiment by Google, allows users to connect their phones and use the device’s built-in gyroscope to send transmissions to a computer. The result? Physics-based carnival fun.

CLOPSpeaking of physics games, you can’t leave out the ridiculously hilarious and excruciatingly hard muscle exercises that have people flocking to Foddy.net. Perhaps the least painful and silliest option is CLOP, a simplified horse simulator that leaves the player in charge of the horse’s legs as he strides across the countryside looking for a fair maiden. You definitely won’t win, but you’ll giggle while you lose.

Candy BoxIf you’re looking for a long-term, rich and intriguing game that makes the most out of ASCII characters? Watch out, because Candy Box will suck you in before you know it. I refuse to spoil any of the wonder that comes from watching that candy meter tick by, but be patient. Good things some to those who wait.

EntanglementSerene and challenging, entanglement is a puzzle that simply asks the player to draw a long, thorough line using hexagonal tiles with varying line lengths. The game ends when it hits a wall, so it forces players to think many moves in advance to complete a line piecemeal.

Happy Friday!

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