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Lawn Care Tips for Busy People



A beautiful home is not only achieved through stylish interior design, but also through smart lawn care. Your lawn is the first thing that people notice about your home. Keeping a clean and healthy-looking lawn demands a lot of time and maintenance that may seem like a full-time job.

To achieve a lush green lawn, you need to commit to mowing it on a weekly basis to prevent the grass from turning yellow and dry. Lawn mowing also keeps your grass from growing too high and thwarts pests (e.g. weeds and animals such snakes and other vermin) from invading your yard.

Professionals barely have enough time to maintain even just a healthy lawn. Although we can’t add time to our busy schedules, we certainly can make smart changes to common lawn maintenance practices through these tips:

  • Know when to feed your lawn and stick to the seasonal feeding schedule. Do not feed your lawn daily so the grass will stop growing faster.

  • Don’t overuse your lawn mover. Allow a healthy growth of herbs in your lawn and use an effective lawn weed killer.

  • When mowing the lawn, try to cut them a little longer and allow herbs such as thyme to grow. This makes the lawn look greener, especially during dry spells.

  • Remove hard-to-mow areas or those areas that can’t be accessed by the mower. If you want to easily maintain your lawn, especially these tricky areas, consider using gravel to give your lawn more dimensions.

  • Get a high-powered mower that can do heavier tasks for you. Look for a machine that does most of the work in a single press of a button.

  • Leave some of the cuttings, but not all of them. These will provide enough nutrients in the soil and will help the grass to grow stronger and greener.

If you are a beginner, a gardener or an individual who does not have much time taking care of your lawn, at least prioritize these three maintenance tasks:

1. Water or Irrigation. For a healthy-looking lawn or yard, you need to set up a proper irrigation system. Make sure you follow the irrigation requirements of your lawn. Different types of turf or grass and geographical location will determine the ideal amount and schedule of watering.

2. Mowing. Every now and then, you have to keep your grass at a certain height so you can manage and prevent pests from taking shelter in your yard. The more you fertilize and water your grass, the more you need to mow your lawn.

3. Aeration. This is another crucial aspect of proper lawn management. Do not neglect perforating the soil to allow enough air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots, promoting its healthy growth.

Remember, even if you are busy, keeping a lawn well-groomed takes commitment. What is displayed on the outside of a home can say a lot about the type of person who lives there. Follow these tips and let your personality shine through your well-maintained lawn.

Holly Keartland works as a word crafter on Authority Specialists. Currently living in Bundaberg East Australia with her loving husband and three daughters, she has a penchant for writing on home improvement ideas and the like. She is quite a daredevil herself and loves the outdoors very much, spending most of her free time doing outdoor activities, like trekking, bungee jumping and kayaking. Aside from spending time on the outdoors, she also loves to cook delectable dishes for her family to enjoy. At 35 years old, believes that the best way to go through life’s challenges and problems is to laugh all about it.

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