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Neuralstem sees filing IND for spinal cord trial in South Korea this month

The company said, "2013 promises to be a transformative year for the company, with five NSI-566 cell therapy trials planned. The two new U.S. trials will be the ALS Phase II, and the recently FDA-approved Phase I in chronic spinal cord injury. We hope to have agreements with multiple sites for the Phase I chronic spinal cord injury trial in place by the end of the 2nd Quarter and then begin the transplantations. Internationally, our ischemic stroke trial is expected to commence in Beijing at world-class BaYi Brain Hospital in the coming weeks, through our subsidiary, Neuralstem China. A planned ALS combined Phase I/II is expected to take place in Mexico City, pending finalization of a partnership agreement. Later this month, we expect to file an IND for an acute spinal cord injury trial in Seoul, South Korea, which we anticipate conducting with our partner, CJ CheilJedang."