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November ETF Roundup: Launches, Filings And Closures

Carolyn Pairitz

November was a slow month for ETF growth, starting with the delayed releases of all both Pryxis and RBS funds due to Hurricane Sandy wrecking havoc on the entire Eastern shoreline. These funds did eventually make their way to market, but as the end of the month and Thanksgiving approached, the U.S. markets stayed stable and slow  [for updates on all new ETFs, sign up for  the free ETFdb newsletter ].

The re-election of President Obama and the looming fiscal cliff has brought a lot of confusion to the general market, which may have played a part in the ETF slowdown. Only three funds left the market, but the real excitement this month was in the filings of six funds and three funds entering the market. PureFunds is listing its first ETFs with month, with both Radiance Asset Management and ETF Investor Solutions are bringing their first products to the SEC, and we will see what these new funds have to offer before  2013  [see Free Member Report: How To Pick The Right ETF Every Time ]. 

New ETFs

New exchange-traded products that began trading in November include:

Coming Soon

A number of filings for new products hit the wire in November, many of which could begin trading in the fourth quarter: 

ETF Closings

With new products in the pipeline from previous months, one ETF issuer decided to cut its ETFs that have fallen flat:

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