Popular YouTube Reviewer Freakin’ Reviews Rates the Coldest Bottle Above Leading Corporate Competitors For Superior Performance

NAPLES, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2020 / As the world keeps getting hotter by the day, the one common challenge that almost everyone faces is keeping the drinking water cold inside a bottle. Be it at the college, office, sports ground, or the gym, having cold drinking water for a long period of time is quite a hassle. There are a number of bottles out there in the market, but most of them offer average performance, which is not good enough for surviving a long day in the summers.

The Coldest Water is a Florida-based startup founded by David Stark, which has engineered one of the most efficient and well-insulated water bottles. The startup was founded back in 2014, and over the last six years, it has developed a long product line with cold water bottles of several sizes, designs, colors, etc. It also has several patents filed for design and manufacturing techniques, which have clearly contributed a great deal in developing an efficient product.

Recently, one of the most popular review channel on YouTube, Freakin' Reviews (run by James White), uploaded a comparison video between the Coldest Water Bottle and the water bottle from one of its leading competitors. In his video, James seemed to be clearly inclined towards the Coldest Water Bottle in several aspects.

Freakin' Reviews' Comparison Summary

The Cold Water Bottle is a premium product with 21 ounces capacity equipped with no-sweat technology. It also claims to be floatable, BPA-free, toxin-free, and odor & bacteria resistant. Though pretty similar in terms of design and features, Freakin' Reviews' (run by James White) conducted a series of tests on both these bottles to figure out which one offers superior performance. These tests include - Cold Water Test, Hot Liquid Test, and Floatation Test.

  • In the Cold Water Test, James put ice and cold water into both the bottles and kept those in the scorching heat for more than 24 hours. He finally concluded that the Coldest Water Bottle preserved a lower water temperature than its leading competitor, with a significant difference of 15 degrees.

  • The Coldest Water Bottle also emerged superior in the Hot Liquid Test, in which it was able to maintain a water temperature 14 degrees more than the leading competitor after James put both the bottles filled with hot liquid into the fridge for 12 hours.

  • In the final test, i.e the floatation test, James concluded that Coldest Water Bottle justified its claim of being able to float in the water.

All in all, after testing both the water bottles during various activities like trekking, playing in the heat, etc. James seemed to be clearly inclined towards the Coldest Watter Bottle in terms of performance.

In his comparison video, James summarized, ‘I'm actually impressed by the Coldest Water Bottle. It offers superior performance.' You can watch the full video on his official YouTube channel - Freakin' Reviews

Summing Up

The Coldest Water is an emerging startup that has already made its mark through superior-high-quality products, which are well-insulated and serves the purpose of preserving water temperature for longer durations. Also, the fact that the Coldest Water Bottle is cheaper than leading corporate competitors, makes it a profitable option for buyers. Positive reviews and assurance from the credible YouTube reviewer Freakin' Reviews is one more reason to use the bottle.

You can check out all its products at https://thecoldestwater.com/

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Company: The Coldest Water
City: Naples, Florida
Founder: David Stark
Phone: (305) 204-1741
Email address: david@thecoldestwater.com
Website: https://thecoldestwater.com

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