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The Saatva Company Launches Third Luxury Mattress Brand, Zenhaven

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 23, 2016) - The Saatva Company, North America's largest and fastest-growing online luxury mattress company, announces its third ultra-premium mattress brand, Zenhaven by Saatva. The new line is the ultimate in sleep comfort and purity, made of 100% natural latex.

A first-of-its-kind, the Zenhaven mattress features 2-in-1 Comfort Technology, a design innovation that allows sleepers to find their perfect comfort level in one mattress by having a unique comfort feel on opposite sides of the mattress:

  • Side 1: Luxury Plush
    80% of latex sleepers choose this comfort range. It conforms and supports your body effortlessly while still maintaining an ultra-luxurious, plush feel.
  • Side 2: Gentle Firm
    Just under 20% firmer than Luxury Plush, for sleepers who want a slightly firmer feel, while still enjoying uplifting, pressure-free support.

Like all Saatva Company mattresses, the Zenhaven product was designed with a focus on optimal spinal health and a sound sleep experience. Its proprietary 5-Zone Spinal Support Technology gives subtly firmer support in the heaviest areas of the body, while the hypoallergenic natural latex allows the mattress to "breathe" for a cool, restful night.

The new Zenhaven latex mattress is available at $1899 for a queen mattress, compared to price-points starting at $4000 from traditional manufacturers. Zenhaven is the first affordable answer to owning a premium, 100% natural, latex mattress.

Zenhaven utilizes 100% American Talalay latex sustainably harvested from the pure sap of rubber trees. This modern, pure process -- known as the Talalay method -- is superior to the Dunlop process often used by other manufacturers. The benefits of American Talalay include:

  • Buoyancy and pressure-relieving support for a weightless feel that both elevates and conforms
  • Superior consistency and durability which prevents sagging and the breakdown of materials for as much as 20 years
  • Enhanced, natural airflow for a mattress that's cool and comfortable at all times
  • Pure, natural latex that has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification

"We are very proud of what we've created with Zenhaven," said Ron Rudzin, President, CEO and Founder of The Saatva Company. "All-natural latex is an exceptional sleep surface like no other, but it has always been out of reach for most consumers. We've been able to bring an all-natural luxury product like this to a larger market by applying our e-commerce business model as we've successfully done with our other brands. It's a new day for our customers."

The Saatva Company, celebrating its fifth year in business, currently has a run rate of $150 million and is poised to outpace its momentum in recent years with this latest product launch. From self-funded beginnings in 2011, The Saatva Company has grown its manufacturing infrastructure to 17 factories and 112 fulfillment centers, giving it the largest logistics footprint in its category.

About Zenhaven
The ultimate in sleep comfort and purity, the Zenhaven 100% natural latex mattress is The Saatva Company's newest offering. It is the affordable answer to owning a premium, all-natural latex mattress and created to be completely hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive sleepers. All of The Saatva Company's three mattress brands are handcrafted in America using the highest quality eco-materials and advanced technologies for optimal spine health -- offered at the best price in the luxury market. More information on finding the ultimate in comfort and picking the perfect mattress can be found at www.zenhaven.com.