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Sarepta says all eteplirsen manufacturing and development continues as planned

At the End-of-Phase II Clinical Meeting in March, there was a productive discussion on the suitability of dystrophin as a surrogate marker, including a presentation by Sarepta detailing the methodologies used to analyze dystrophin in the studies and supportive data suggesting that the dystrophin produced is functional. As follow up to the discussion, and as reflected in the meeting minutes from the Division of Neurology Products, the Agency requested two written summaries: "a coherent and comprehensive summary to support dystrophin as a surrogate" and "a detailed discussion of all clinical outcomes in the eteplirsen study." Furthermore, the meeting minutes contained the following statement: "The Agency stated that they had not made a final decision regarding acceptability of the proposed Subpart H Accelerated Approval NDA filing, and that the Agency would consider the additional data submitted by the sponsor before making a final decision." Sarepta also discussed the eteplirsen and phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomer safety database at the End-of-Phase II meeting and asked if the 38 patient eteplirsen safety database was sufficient for a Subpart H Accelerated Approval filing. While Sarepta will continue to collect long-term safety from the ongoing eteplirsen extension study for a potential submission, the meeting minutes stated that: "In the event the Agency agrees to file the Subpart H NDA submission, additional safety data to support approval could come from the first few months of the... pivotal confirmatory study." Sarepta still intends to begin dosing patients in a pivotal confirmatory study in the first quarter of 2014. Sarepta is preparing to submit the dystrophin and clinical outcomes summaries and will be requesting a follow-up meeting with the FDA to discuss these later this quarter. As a result, the End-of-Phase II CMC meeting with the FDA is now expected to occur in the third quarter, however all eteplirsen manufacturing and clinical development activities continue as planned and are not anticipated to delay the potential timeline of an Accelerated Approval NDA submission.