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Technical Analysis on Kinder Morgan Inc. and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners L.P. - Oil & Gas Pipelines Down but Not out

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 9, 2012) - Several companies in the oil & gas pipelines industry have been turning in disappointing quarterly results of late, as lower commodity price realizations have taken their toll on earnings. Prices have been making a recovery of late though, which could augur well for companies such as Spectra Energy Corp. and The Williams Companies Inc. StBulls.com has initiated technical analysis on Kinder Morgan Inc. ( NYSE : KMI ) and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners L.P. ( NYSE : KMP ) which serves the Oil & Gas Pipelines industry. These reports are free upon registration at


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Demand levels are a major concern for the industry. However the future looks bright in this regard. A number of companies have reined in natural gas production to bring supply and demand equation to a better balance, and demand has been increasing of late. The U.S. Energy Information Administration stated that it anticipates natural gas consumption to increase by almost 5% in 2012 when compared to 2011. A number of power plants have been making the switch to natural gas for environmental and fiscal reasons, which also bodes well. Read our technical analysis on Kinder Morgan by clicking on


With prices and demand poised to rise, many industry players have been looking to acquisitions and expansions to improve their market share in a time of growth. Some companies have been successfully expanding their U.S. operations, while others have been looking abroad for opportunities to increase their international presence. Check our technical analysis on Kinder Morgan Energy at


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