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Tesla's Model 3 pricing shenanigans are getting ridiculous

Stan Schroeder

On Thursday, Tesla announced some changes in its vehicle lineup. The company's press release on the matter innocuously kicks off by mentioning how these changes will "simplify vehicle choices" and "make Autopilot more affordable."

But the most interesting bit is buried a bit lower in the text: The Standard Range variant of the Model 3, the $35,000 version that Elon Musk promised four years ago, is no longer available on Tesla's website. 

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The vehicle lineup change Tesla is referring to is the fact that all Tesla cars now come with Autopilot bundled as a standard feature. It's a little cheaper than it was before, but it's also something you can't opt out of (except in the case of base-price Model 3). Previously, for example, the Model 3 Standard Plus cost $37,500, and Autopilot was available as an option for $3,000. Now, the Model 3 Standard Plus can only be had with Autopilot bundled, for the price of $39,500, saving you $1,000.  Read more...

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