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VERSES Labs Accepted into Magic Leap Independent Creator Program

VERSES Labs was Selected From More Than 6,500 Entries

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 6, 2019 / VERSES Labs today announced it has been selected for the Magic Leap Independent Creator Program designed to provide independent developers and creators with the financial, development and marketing support necessary to develop world-class experiences on the Magic Leap platform. Chosen from more than 6,500 entries, which were evaluated on originality, use case, technical capability, diversity, project scope and feasibility, VERSES will develop an application for the Magic Leap One, a lightweight, wearable spatial computer that seamlessly blends the digital and physical worlds.

VERSES' winning application is pioneering Spatial Logistics intended to be used in providing large facility spatial operation solutions for use in storage warehouses, supply chains and smart cities. The application enables dynamic Augmented Reality (AR) messaging, tasking and routing of humans and machines. Using VERSES to register users, products and their locations in a warehouse, for example, Magic Leap One's hands-free AR can reliably navigate workers to precise locations, display an image of the product to be collected and the necessary instructions to complete the order. This application is estimated to increase efficiency by 30-50% and could increase warehouse profit margins by an estimated 45%.

''We are extremely excited to bring VERSES' Spatial Web technology and more specifically our Spatial Logistics application to the Magic Leap ecosystem,'' said Gabriel René, Executive Director, VERSES. ''We believe that the combination of VERSES' spatial workflows capabilities and Magic Leap's software and hardware ecosystem will deliver unprecedented efficiency and value across the global logistics markets, enabling a new superior medium for communicating across supply chains for manufacturers, warehouses, distributors, retailers, smart cities.''

Projects accepted into the Magic Leap Independent Creator Program underscore the broad range of applications that are in development for the Magic Leap platform, including gaming, entertainment, education, enterprise, healthcare and more. Experiences developed as part of the Independent Creator Program will begin launching within the next 90 days. All titles resulting from the Independent Creator Program are expected to be released within the next 12 months.

''We're pleased to welcome VERSES to the Magic Leap Independent Creator Program, and are looking forward to working with their team to facilitate their launch into our diverse ecosystem of experiences,'' said Rio Caraeff, Chief Content Officer, Magic Leap. '' Together, we're innovating the next generation of computing and enterprise, and valued Creators such as VERSES are crucial to defining that future.''

For additional information on Magic Leap's Independent Creator Program, please visit https://www.magicleap.com/grant-program.

About VERSES Labs

VERSES Labs is a for-profit company providing enterprises, organizations and governments with an extensive suite of integrated emerging technologies built on open spatial protocol specifications and standards developed and governed by VERSES Foundation.


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