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Ralph Gillies

#7 Ralph Gillies

Company: SRT Motorsports

Age: 43

Gilles is lucky enough to have the awesome job of heading Chrysler's racing division. Not only does he spend a lot of time with cars, but he also spends a fair bit of time, as evidenced by his Twitter handle, with celebs like Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, whose movies feature muscle cars.

But he's also gotten into spats with celebrities too, like when he lashed out against Donald Trump (a man you do not want to get into a fight with) for hating on Chrysler. Still, it shows he's loyal to his brand.

Sexiest CEOs alive

There are some CEOs that can make running a company look ridiculously easy.

Then there are some who can do it with, well, a certain je ne sais quoi.

Business Insider has scoured the world to find the sexiest Chief Executives on the planet.

Sexiness is a subjective measure — and it’s not just about

looks. It’s also about success, power, ambition, charisma, altruism,

fashion sense, and style.

For this ranking, Business Insider have also only included CEOs of

companies with at least 100 employees.