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    They stole my name again
    Thought they were telling us not to call them 'Mormons',,,
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    Money Talks
    It gathers dust just as good as any other hotel room book. Older guest will reach for the TV remote control. Younger guests will look for the hotel WiFi password.
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    A very sad Commentary......... I will never stay at a Marriott again and i'm an extensive traveller, One thing to add the "Book of Mormon" , but to remove the Bible ........ This is one Christian that will state public, If you don't honor Christ my business goes with those who do....... LD
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    SO? How about books on Taoism, Buddhism, Sikhism, or the other dozens upon dozens of religions extant today?
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    On a number of occasions I've read Bible passages while staying at a hotel.
    I particularly like Psalms.
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    Mike T
    Nothi9ng wrong with putting the Book of Mormon in their hotel rooms as long as they allow Bibles there also. I do read the Bible, but I respect the rights of all religions.
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    Gotta love South Park!
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    Remind me to never stay in a Marriott property.
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    Oh no liberals....run to your safe spaces and crying rooms.
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    dog s
    they been in just about every hotel for years, makes for great toilet paper when you run out.