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Fat unicorn cakes are too cute to eat

Unicorn-themed desserts and accessories have been all the rage, right? Well, prepare to add another trending dessert to the list that’s cute and chubby. Instagram is loving the new fat unicorn cake craze and we’re totally on board. The popular and hilarious treat looks how we feel after overindulging (really!).

The unique and magical (it’s a unicorn dessert after all) dessert comes in two parts. You get your traditional cake with a chunk missing, and look who’s got a guilty face — the unicorn topper. It’s an adorable, portly, edible unicorn that’s chilling on top or on the side of the cake. The best part is the unicorn is so stuffed its tongue is sticking out and frosting is all over the place — perfection!

Overdoing it on cake just became cute (finally). What do you think of the new dessert trend?