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Jason Bateman compares the Trumps to his ‘Arrested Development’ family

With season five of Arrested Development right around the corner, Jason Bateman joined The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he compared the Trump family to his TV family, the wealthy, unscrupulous, and scandal-ridden Bluths, all headed by a father figure of questionable character, George (Jeffrey Tambor). “There are brothers that I think equal ours in number, there’s a crazy dad, a crazy mom, and a lot of moral bankruptcy,” Bateman said of the comparison.

Even the Bluth’s attorney, played by Henry Winkler, draws real-life comparison, if by looks alone, to Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, who is going through quite a bit of legal trouble to say the least.

The Bluths and Trumps share so much in common idealistically, Donald Trump actually stole one of their ideas from way back in the day. “There were some story lines that started back in the early 2000s,” Bateman said, “like the wall between Mexico and the United States was a dumb, dumb Bluth family idea that is of course now tragically real.”

Despite all their shenanigans and shady dealings, not all Bluths are bad. Bateman plays Michael, the good one, to put it simply, and there’s a Trump comparison there too. Colbert asked, “Which Trump is most like your character Michael Bluth?” Bateman replied, “Barron. It’s gotta be Barron, right?” “Because he’s essentially innocent,” Colbert said of the youngest Trump. Bateman agreed, saying, “He’s essentially innocent, and has that ever-present look of, ‘How am I gonna get out of here?’”