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John Oliver calls out Trump's handling of the opioid crisis

On Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the host discussed America's opioid crisis. And Oliver said Donald Trump's plan to use an advertising campaign to help addicts, isn't really a plan at all.

While addressing the opioid crisis, Trump said, "It's really, really easy not to take 'em. And I think that's going to end up being our most important thing. Really tough, really big, really great advertising, so we get to people before they start."

Oliver likened Trump's ad idea to, "Seeing someone neck deep in quicksand and putting up a 'Don't Do Quicksand' sign."

And despite Trump declaring opioid addiction a public health emergency, that only frees up $56,000 to treat approximately 2.6 million American struggling with opioid addiction, which is about two cents a person.

Oliver summed up Trump's efforts saying, "So Trump's fix for our opioids epidemic essentially boils down to, "Here's two pennies. Go throw them in a mall fountain and wish your addiction away."