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Nasdaq, S&P 500 add to gains, Dow opens lower

Yahoo Finance's Brad Smith breaks down how stocks opened on Tuesday morning.

Video Transcript


BRIAN SOZZI: And it is very much an old-company focus here, mindset, I think, on the Yahoo! Finance platform. Some of the top tickers for us-- General Motors, Coca-Cola, General Electric, UPS, 3M. Investors just hurting for-- I think, just on the hunt for some form of stability in a continued volatile economic backdrop.

And a volatile stock market here right now. And we're coming up against that opening bell on Wall Street on a big earnings day. Here's that bell.



There you have that opening bell on Wall Street. And you see former Speaker Paul Ryan ringing that opening bell. We're gonna be talking to him at about 11:20. Running point, Paul Ryan, on a new SPAC. So Brad, we have not seen a SPAC in a while. That whole process has really fallen by the wayside as rates have gone up, But there's Paul Ryan attaching his name to a SPAC.

BRAD SMITH: What a time for a SPAC, huh?


BRAD SMITH: All right. We're gonna take a look at the major averages here out of the gate this morning. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, I'll put this out into a two-day view to really let the context of where we're coming in from yesterday and where we're sitting right now at the top there.

So right now, at the gate, we are down by about 1/10 of percent, just a little bit more than that. Over the past two days, still net positive. So we'll keep an eye on that to see where some of that balancing action takes place.

The NASDAQ, though, out of the gate, that is up by about half a percent right now, adding on to yesterday's gains here, even though we did see a little bit of a dip early morning yesterday during that 10:00 AM hour into the 11:00 AM hour. Here today, you're actually seeing, right now, at the opening cross, up by about half a percent there.

S&P 500, that's also in positive territory. Adding on to yesterday's gains here just a little bit. So we are up by about 2/10 of percent there. I want to take a look at some of the sector activity as well for you, as we always do.

And pulling up the S&P 500 11 sectors there, you've got more advancers than decliners right now. It looks like real estate is the leader right now at the top of the hour, at least, or at the top of the trading session. Real estate up by about 9/10 of a percent there. But energy is lagging here on the day. That's down by about 6/10 of a percent.

Looking through some of the other sectors, it's interesting to see some of the communication services also leading the charge here this morning, up 8/10 of percent. And then additionally there, you've got consumer discretionary and technology in positive territory. So we'll watch that. Overall, the S&P 500 is up.

And then just quickly a brief look at the tech-heavy NASDAQ. It looks like broadly we've got far more advancers then decliners here. Right now, will give you a kind of equal look at that. And that's a lot of green that we're seeing on the screen out the gate this morning.

BRIAN SOZZI: Yeah, good to see more stocks up than down, Brad.