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Wonder Woman is a Wonderful Liar on 'The Tonight Show'

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Gal Gadot, who plays Diana, princess of the Amazons (Wonder Woman) in Wonder Woman, stopped by to play Box of Lies against Jimmy Fallon. Box of Lies is a game in which you describe objects truthfully or falsely and your opponent then guesses if you're lying or not. When Gadot described her plastic cat as a plastic elephant it was pretty clear she was wonderful at lying. Jimmy quickly failed under her plastic elephant lie thinking she was telling the truth.

When Jimmy pulled out a very hip pineapple dressed in a beanie from his box, he and the Israeli actress encountered some cultural barriers. Describing it as a Cabbage Patch doll, she asked, "What is that?" Jimmy countered, "You don't have that in Israel? It's like a famous doll." But Jimmy's Cabbage Patch lie was no match for this Wonder Woman.

And in the end, as a sweet reward for Gadot's win (or punishment depending on how you see it), she was gifted some interpretive dance moves from comedian Seth Herzog to the original Wonder Woman theme song.