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  • Prescription drug prices are soaring – here's how to save

    Generic drug prices are soaring. Here's how to save at the pharmacy.

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  • Don’t buy these 7 things at a dollar store

    Dollar stores can be great places to pick up inexpensive items, but sometimes you get what you pay for. If you would rather not reduce your home to embers, we suggest you steer clear of cords and electric devices from dollar stores. As far back as 1999, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission…

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  • The most important money conversation you’re not having

    While death and estate planning can be a sensitive topic for families to broach, not having a plan in place can become an even bigger regret. To get started, here are three essential financial documents you need to prepare an estate plan.

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  • Are millennials finally ready to buy their first home?

    Certainly many first-time homebuyers (most of whom are millennials) are in better financial shape than they were a year ago. This group is also more likely to remain single longer – which potentially reduces their purchasing power.

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  • Money Minute: How much should I really be saving?

    We all know we should be saving. But how much? Yahoo Finance's Mandi Woodruff will tell you in this week’s Money Minute.

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  • On-demand workers: ‘We are not robots’

    Is technology liberating or squeezing the new class of freelance labor?

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  • Yahoo Finance playoffs: The retirement rumble

    As Super Bowl fever spreads, we here at Yahoo Finance wanted to put together our own roster of pro retirement tips to help you score big in 2015.

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  • How much it takes to get into top 1% in every state

    Want to be part of the Top 1%? Move to Arkansas. The bar is much lower there. It only takes $228,298 to get into the upper echelon in Arkansas, according to a report from the left-leaning Economic Policy ...
  • Meet Ida May Fuller, recipient of 1st Social Security check

    Seventy-five years ago, the government cut 65-year-old Ida May Fuller a check. It was numbered 00-000-001 — the first Social Security payout. Fuller, of Ludlow, Vermont, didn't realize it at the time, ...

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  • 5 Things Entrepreneurs Caught in Comparisons Should Remember

    When you're a newbie business owner feeling intimidated by the competition, remember these essential truths.

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  • Vine Kids delivers family-friendly video loops

    Let's be honest: Kids are really easy to entertain. Give 'em something that makes noise and flashes some pretty colors and they're set. And that's pretty much what Vine does, ad infinitum. There's sounds, ...

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  • Ministers water down 'final salary' safeguards

    The government is to water down a proposed safeguard designed to protect workers giving up small final salary pensions to take advantage of new pension freedoms. Under changes coming into force in April, ...

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  • The Super Bowl’s Economic Impact: Not So Super

    Super Bowl Sunday is nothing if not a celebration of excess. Consider: 184 million Americans age 18+ plan to watch—that’s three-quarters of the adult population. Average ticket prices have surpassed $7,500 ...

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  • Believe-it-or-not tax deductions

    On the other hand, your fellow taxpayers have successfully claimed write-offs for many things that most of us wouldn't even imagine, ranging from cat food to a casualty loss for a vehicle totaled by a drunk driver. He claimed he was entitled to a $9,000 casualty loss. The Tax Court said that most…

  • How to avoid an Obamacare penalty

    You may have heard that if you don’t purchase exactly the type of health insurance that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires, the Internal Revenue Service will slap you with a penalty come tax ...

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  • Data Scientists Can Link Your Instagrams To Your Credit Card Purchases

    When I tweeted from a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 2, I had no idea that data scientists could use that information to find out I’d used my MasterCard to buy an overpriced $12 beer — as well as identify all my other credit card purchases. But with as few as four

  • Blount’s Numbahs Friday: SPILL is UP

    Good Morning- Today is Series s4L and the SPILL is UP in the S&P 500 futures (ESH15:CME). DISPENSE WITH YESTERDAY FIRST combining real time and yesterday commentary: The most important relationship yesterday ...
  • A Family Business for People on the Move

    Work-life balance is not any easier for spouses in business but sharing success is an ongoing celebration.