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  • Problems Mount for the ‘Other’ College Debt

    As education providers look to tap bond markets amid low rates, some investors grow wary

    The Wall Street Journal
  • College Students Are Graduating Into an Incredible Job Market

    Small businesses are especially hungry for talent

  • Big Reasons Not to Buy a House

    At least, that's what everyone is told -- by the government, by Hollywood, by our friends and family. You get the wrong landlord and some lousy neighbors in an apartment building, and anyone might quickly want their own house. If you feel time is money, you could wind up utterly broke once you…

    U.S.News & World Report
  • New startup makes stocks as easy to buy as gift cards

    SparkGift allows you to purchase fractional shares of publicly traded companies, as well as index funds, for other people. Is it a smart way to teach kids about investing?

    Yahoo Finance
  • 5 big money mistakes to avoid in your 20s

    For many people, their 20s is a decade spent learning the ropes of adult life during the final years of college and the first years of a career. Looking back, it's a time of growth and wonderful opportunity, ...

    U.S.News & World Report
  • Student debt squeezing parents and children simultaneously

    A college degree practically stamped Andres Aguirre's ticket to the middle class. Yet at age 40, he's still paying the price of admission. After a decade of repayments, Aguirre still diverts $512 a month ...

    Associated Press
  • 3 smart ways to save for your child

    Opening a savings account in a child's name may seem like a great way to give Junior a head start on a lifetime of thrift. In fact, choosing the wrong savings vehicle for your children's future college cash needs could cost them thousands in avoidable taxes and missed financial aid. Meanwhile,…
  • How to Double Your Money Every Four Years

    In a recent study, a group of University professors show how 539 individual investors were able to consistently double their money every 3.5 years.

  • Redeem Travel Rewards for Cash Back? Think Twice

    Many travel credit cards come with a great sign-up bonus and high travel rewards rates. But if you’re hoping those lucrative rewards will translate well into cash back, you’ll probably be disappointed. Here’s why,…

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  • Love a good party but hate marriage? Try a fake wedding

    Do you want all the fun of a wedding without the hassle of marriage? Meet Falsa Boda (link in Spanish), an Argentine company leading the latest craze in the country—fake weddings. There’s a bride, groom, wedding cake, and the cheesy band. The only thing missing is true love. Five Argentine friends…

    Quartz41 mins ago
  • Tips for tax-savvy homeowners

    On the tax return for the year of sale of a primary residence, the seller can exclude as much as $250,000 in capital gains for a single person or $500,000 for a couple. The caveats are that one spouse must own the home, and that both spouses must have used it as a principal residence for at least…

    The Wall Street Journal
  • 16 Worst Things to Buy at Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's

    Shopping at a warehouse club, such as Costco, Sam's Club or BJ's Wholesale, is a great way to save money. Don't be afraid to stock up on the best bargains at warehouse clubs including batteries, meats and wines. It's best to avoid bulk purchases of perishable items at warehouse clubs, no matter…

  • 10 Dying Professions Job Seekers Should Avoid

    The U.S. job market is steadily improving, yet many Americans are still struggling to get hired. And if they work in dying professions, that may be the case not only today but also in the years ahead. ...

  • 10 Best States to Live In for Low Taxes

    Some states with low income taxes make up the difference with above-average property taxes (we're looking at you, Texas), which is an important consideration if you're a homeowner. You may be willing to pay above-average property taxes in exchange for excellent schools. It has no sales tax (one…

  • Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s guide to overcoming fear and putting shoes on in space

    Chris Hadfield’s days of space travel are behind him, but he’s still whizzing by at the speed of light. “I think it’s the fifth time I’ve ever retired actually,” he tells Quartz. “I used to be a downhill ski racer, then I was a farmer, then I was a fighter pilot, then I was a…

  • Free Event in Washington DC Area October 13th - 17

    Join us for Than Merrill's, the star of A&E's 'Flip this House', free 2 hour training event in the Washington DC area. Register before seats are gone!

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  • A typical week of school lunch for kids in Paris vs. New York

    Popular opinion would have it that French kids are superior to American ones in many ways. I don’t buy it. But there’s no disputing the fact France has a dramatically lower obesity rate than the United States, which they seem to accomplish by feeding their children Boeuf bourguignon and brie with a…

  • The Yankee way to better work-life balance

    Work-life balance is elusive in the US, but this week brought a sign of progress. A $23m-a-year star employee of the most successful franchise in any of our major sports left his club at a critical moment ...

    Financial Times
  • Significant Digits For Friday, Oct. 9, 2015

    You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the telling numbers tucked inside the news. * Just like he wanted, college professor and Democratic presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig finally made his way into a live-interview poll. A Fairleigh Dickinson poll found that support for Lessig…