• Employees accuse Daily Grill near LAX of failing to pay 'living wage'

    A class-action lawsuit says the restaurant has deprived workers of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The company says it has corrected the problem.

    Los Angeles Times27 mins ago
  • [video] Why Do We Make Decisions Based on Online Reviews?

    April 16 (Bloomberg) -- Stanford University Fellow Vivek Wadhwa, The Pooch Coach Owner Beverly Ulbrich and Yelp Vice President of Corporate Communications Vincent Sollitto examine small businesses and ...

  • Your Public Record May Be Posted Online

    Did you know that public records are now posted online and anyone can see them in seconds? View marriages, licenses, bankruptcies, and much more.

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  • Final Glance: Education companies

    Shares of some top education companies were up at the close of trading: Apollo Group rose $.43 or 1.6 percent, to $27.42. Career Education Corp. rose $.29 or 4.2 percent, to $7.23. DeVryEd rose $.64 or ...

    Associated Press
  • Final Glance: Credit Card companies

    Shares of some top credit card companies were up at the close of trading: American Express Co. rose $1.36 or 1.6 percent, to $87.40. Capital One Financial Corp. rose $.64 or .9 percent, to $75.16. Discover ...

    Associated Press
  • Final Glance: Insurance companies

    Shares of some top insurance companies were mixed at the close of trading: ACE L rose $1.26 or 1.3 percent, to $101.37. Aflac Inc. rose $.98 or 1.6 percent, to $62.61. American International Group rose ...

    Associated Press
  • Avoid Taxes on IRA Rollovers

    For years, IRA owners have been allowed to roll over their money from one IRA to another once a year without penalty, for each IRA account they had. A tax court ruling in January 2014 has brought that ...

  • Some College Classes Need a Warning Label

    The student senate at the University of California-Santa Barbara recently set off a bit of a firestorm by passing a resolution requiring professors to issue “trigger warnings” to protect students from potentially upsetting content. The idea is pretty simple: Professors would write notes on their…

  • What companies want from college grads

    The most in-demand majors and degrees from the class of 2014.

  • Award-Winning Tool for Credit Card Comparison

    Looking for a credit card with the best rewards? Get up to 2X the Airline Miles or up to 5% Cash Back! Compare all the offers and apply right here.

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  • [$$] CIT Sells Student-Lending Business to Nelnet

    Business lender CIT Group agreed to sell its student-lending business to Nelnet Inc. for $3.6 billion.

    The Wall Street Journal
  • Can Limiting Divorce Make Marriage Stronger?

    I see via Rod Dreher that there is a movement afoot in some states to restrict no-fault divorce, on the grounds that easy divorce is undermining marriage.

  • [video] Your child is off to college. Now it's time to pay up

    It's college acceptance season and many parents will soon start getting bills for the fall semester. So after saving for your child's education over the years, what is the best way to withdraw funds from ...

  • [video] Study Shows Casual Pot Use Damages Brain

    Casual marijuana use impacted regions of the brain associated with emotion, motivation and some forms of mental illness. Dr. Hans Breiter, who led the study, discusses the finding on the News Hub. Photo: ...

  • Why does the tax law change matter to the non-bank servicers?

    The servicers work for the lenders and don't really have much of a financial stake in whether the principal is paid or not.

    Market Realist
  • [video] Detroit homes up for auction

    Discussing home foreclosures in the city of Detroit, with Dani Babb, The Babb Group CEO, and Charlie LeDuff, author of "Detroit: An American Autopsy."

  • New Site Grants Access to Anyone's Public Record

    Did you know that your record in online and anyone can see it? Search through millions of public records and see what you can find.

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  • Fight With Your Spouse? You Might Just Be Hungry

    According to Bloomberg, research released in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that dieting, skipping a meal, or just being hungry can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to spousal interactions. Brad Bushman, the lead study author, said the findings are some of the…

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  • Woman, Man, Bourbon

    During Sunday night’s season première of “Mad Men,” Woodford Reserve, a respected, mid-shelf bourbon, kicked off a new national ad campaign with a thirty-second spot entitled “ Bookshelf .” It features ...

    The New Yorker
  • 5 Teen Entrepreneurs Win $5K for College

    The National Federation of Independent Business has awarded $5,000 scholarships to five high school seniors, and $1,000 to 100 other young entrepreneurs.

    Fox Business
  • Kansas to mandate some health coverage on autism

    Kansas will require health insurance companies to cover services for hundreds of children with autism starting next year under a bill signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Sam Brownback after a six-year fight ...

    Associated Press
  • Save on Some of Your Baby's $312,000 in College Debt

    If you're having a kid now, you can look forward to spending $312,200 for a four-year undergraduate degree in 18 years.

  • 5 Health Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

    The Affordable Care Act brought health insurance to the forefront of the public's collective consciousness, but that doesn't mean we're necessarily any smarter about how we use our policies. Everyone who has health insurance, whether it's from a private or government marketplace, should take care…

    U.S.News & World Report LP
  • The Best Way to Pay Off Car Insurance Faster

    Currently insured drivers who drive less than 35 miles per day are eligible for extremely cheap car insurance. Here is how it works.

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