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  • When cutting corners costs you

    When it comes to money, it’s easy to think that you’re making the right decision in the moment. But when you cut corners in the short run, it could end up costing you.

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  • The 10 best checking accounts of 2015

    A checking account isn't just a checking account anymore -- it can do so much more. Aside from paying your bills and funding everyday expenses, a good checking account can help you save money and reach your financial goals. Banks are going above and beyond basic free checking in 2015 by providing…

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  • 5 ways to save at Starbucks

    For those of you looking to save on your coffee habit, we tested five tried-and-true Starbucks hacks that’ll give you the caffeine fix you need, for less.

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  • Money Minute: What do you do when you find out your coworker earns more than you?

    Yahoo Finance's Mandi Woodruff offers tips on what to do if you find out your coworker earns more than you (for doing the exact same job).

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  • 1 in 10 millennials overdraft more than 10 times a year

    You might be surprised at how stark the difference is between younger and older generations when it comes to overdrafting a checking account.
  • Motivate your millennial to save money now

    Millennials -- who have substantially lower incomes and bigger education debts than preceding generations -- now also have a negative 2 percent savings rate, according to Moody's Analytics' analysis of Federal Reserve data. "Parents think, 'Why would they listen to me now when they never did…
  • 3 secrets to a better job (and more money)

    Career advancement tips are a dime a dozen. Update your LinkedIn profile with your latest achievements. List your core competencies and your career objective on your resumé.

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  • Many spouses are cheating -- financially

    If you're keeping financial secrets from your spouse, you're not alone. One in five Americans has hidden a purchase of $500 or more from their significant other, according to a new study from ...
  • FiveThirtyEight Is Hiring A Summer Intern For Its Podcast

    FiveThirtyEight is looking for a summer intern to help with the site’s podcast and videos. The intern will divide his or her time equally between conceiving and researching topics for the podcast and video interviews; editing and producing; and helping package the shows for online and social media…

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  • 5 Reassuring Tips for Better Balancing Entrepreneurship and Parenthood

    Being a mom and dad while running a business can feel like an overwhelming and un-winnable challenge, until you consider these five things.

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  • Why is Bank of America an interesting stock to watch?

    Bank of America is strong in terms of operations, geographical reach, and a long history. It can potentially return to its pre-crisis performance level.

    Market Realist47 mins ago
  • 3 Questions to Ask to Determine If You Are a Good Leader

    Styles may vary, but the results are usually the same: inspired and motivated employees who want to come to work every day.

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  • This conservative op-ed confirms the immorality of repealing Obamacare

    Rarely do conservative opponents of the Affordable Care Act acknowledge the real human consequences of their campaign to overturn the healthcare reform law. But an astonishing op-ed published Friday by ...

    Los Angeles Times
  • What to Do When Your Boss Doesn't Trust You

    Failures of trust and communication can be tricky to navigate. The Ethics Coach can help.

  • Quoted: on tech and many sex partners

    “In many ways we are hacking love… in technology people have higher appetites for risk.” — Miju Han, a product manager at an unnamed Bay Area tech company, talking about being polyamorous, or having multiple ...

    San Jose Mercury News
  • Lone Star checks into Jurys Inn with £680m offer

    Jurys Inn became the latest target for Lone Star on Monday when the US distressed-debt investor swooped on the Irish and British hotel chain, ending years of debt restructuring at the company that was ...

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  • How these 5 Americans planned their perfect retirement abroad

    Fantasizing about retiring in another country isn't easy. Here's how 5 successful retirees did it:

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  • Blount’s Numbahs Monday: the spill is up ahead of FOMC

      good morning – today is series s4L and the SPILL is UP in the S&P 500 futures (ESH15:CME).Friday provided the low odds outcome, dumping through the daily pivot into the close probing as low as the 2043 ...