• Petra Nemcova's Tips for Building a Successful Professional Life

    Petra Nemcova, model, host and philanthropist, is a master of transformation, both professionally and personally. She was recently honored at the LinkedIn Discussion Series in New York City, where she shared many powerful tips for reinvention, and discussed topics such as building your…

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  • Should all interns get paid?

    By Sanjay Sanghoee FORTUNE – As we head from spring into summer, many college students are planning their vacations while those looking to get their first taste of the working world are likely hunting ...

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  • Good News for New York, Bad News for Agents

    Currently insured New York drivers who drive less than 35 miles per day are eligible for extremely cheap car insurance. Here is how it works.

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  • [video] She Still Owns the First Mustang Ever Sold

    Gail Wise and her husband Tom own the first Ford Mustang ever purchased. She bought it in 1964 before Mustangs went on sale, and he later restored it. Photo: The Wall Street Journal.

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  • 5 Stupid Things You Spend Your Money On

    There’s a good reason for it: Some statistics indicate that as many as two-thirds of gym memberships are never used. You’re going through the checkout, spending your hard-earned cash, and the clerk asks if you want to add the extended warranty. If the manufacturer gives you a year warranty and…

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  • 3 Lessons Learned From Hiring the Wrong Person

    For a small startup, often passion can be more valuable than skills, as mindset can’t be taught but capabilities can.

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  • The Psychology of Being Fired

    Sherrie Bourg Carter, psychologist and author of "High-Octane Women: How Superachievers Can Avoid Burnout, " says people truss their occupations to their identity. Because of this, common emotions that surround losing a job -- either from being fired or laid off -- mirror the grief experienced…

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  • Freddie Mac: Mortgage rates near low for year; 30-year at 4.27%

    Mortgage rates have fallen as the spring home-buying season begins, with Freddie Mac pegging the average 30-year fixed loan at 4.27% this week, the lowest it has been since early February.

    Los Angeles Times55 mins ago
  • You’ve Filed Your 2013 Taxes — Now What?

    Success! Your 2013 taxes have been filed -- and you weren’t late! Although the April 15 deadline is behind us, don’t let tax planning plummet from top of mind. Now is the time to evaluate your current ...

  • Single and Looking?

    You're not alone! Meet singles in your area - start searching now for free.

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  • The Secret to a Successful Interview: Great Storytelling

    To succeed at this, you need to be knowledgeable about the company, the boss' challenges and the desired profile for the ideal candidate -- before you walk in the door. In a TED Talk, Andrew Stanton, a filmmaker who cowrote the "Toy Story" movies, says that a great story comes from using what you…

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  • Wrong Question Brings Lower Social Security Payout

    Starting Social Security payments early makes sense for only two groups, including those expecting to die young. But not many people do the logical thing.

  • Despite Early ACA Costs, UnitedHealth Will Expand Obamacare Business In 2015

    The nation’s largest health insurance company, UnitedHealth Group (UNH), said its first-quarter earnings dipped slightly due to costs and fees related to the Affordable Care Act, but the company sees growth from the law and is looking to expand its offerings on government-run exchanges next year.…

  • [video] The American Dream has changed

    Why you need to wake up from the American Dream of owning a home. A couple who has been in debt their entire lives need help climbing out. Viewers ask if they can afford a Teardrop trailer, a 3-D printer....

  • 10 financial commandments for your 30s

    After establishing a solid financial foundation in your 20s, use the next decade of your life to keep building and protecting your wealth.

  • How to Make Tried-and-True Networking Tactics Work for You

    Networking is a dirty word to most people, but it's so important to your job search. Nowadays, many people think exclusively about online networking, but traditional, face-to-face networking is still the most effective way to land a new job.

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  • Natural Joint Relief

    This homeopathic alternative really works. See results in just 5 days!

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  • Why Your Vacation Home May Not Be Your Retirement Home

    It's called retirement, and if you buy a house right here, right now, this charmed moment will last forever. Not quite, seasoned real estate agents say. Take off the vacation goggles before you start seriously pursuing a home purchase in a locale you love to visit, advises Sheelah Clarkson, a…

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  • Umpires Favor All-Star Pitchers Even When They Don't Deserve It

    The adage “your reputation precedes you” neatly summarizes what we all suspect: people with better reputations often get the benefit of the doubt when they need it. In the business world, top individuals can take more risks, knowing they will have the benefit of the doubt in case they fail.

  • College Grads Wanted: What Employers are Looking for Now

    Business grads can expect a starting salary of just under $54,000.

  • uFly fires flight instructor who appeared on CNN

    A Canadian flight simulator business fired an instructor who figured prominently in CNN's coverage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, saying he showed up late to his regular job and "shamed ...

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  • The Appropriate Way to Say No at Work

    It can be very difficult to say no to your boss or a coworker at work. Here are some ways you can say no at work.

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  • Travelocity Owner Sabre Holdings Returns to Wall Street After IPO

    Though Sabre Holdings priced its initial public offering below what it expected, that's not worrying CFO Rick Simonson, who's looking to the long haul for the technology provider to the global travel and ...

  • How Cruise Lines Fill All Those Unsold Cabins?

    The travel industry's best kept secret is out. (HINT: You will want to book a cruise after reading this...) See How!

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