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  • 5 simple ways to cope with student debt

    College tuition and student debt rates have never been higher. Here's how to keep your college debt levels under control.

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  • Often Overlooked Method to Pay Off Mortgage

    If you own a home and pay for a mortgage, you could reduce your payments by an average of $4,100 a year. Here is how it works.

  • Here's what you need to know before taking out a peer-to-peer loan

    From Lending Club to Prosper, here's how the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending business works .

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  • What 13 successful people do before going to bed

    Inventor Benjamin Franklin asked himself the same self-improvement question every night.

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  • 30 ways to waste your money

    Almost all of us have holes in our budgets that can quickly add up to big bucks.

  • America’s disappearing jobs

    After the Great Recession, which cost millions of Americans their jobs, the U.S. labor market has begun to heal. So far this year the United States has added an average of nearly 230,000 jobs per month. ...

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  • America’s fastest growing jobs

    The jobs with the largest expected growth are often those that benefit from America’s changing demographics.

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  • Could student loans cost you your Social Security benefits?

    Social Security garnishment for student loans isn't unheard of -- but you may be able to reduce the amount taken out of your check.
  • Your Past Now Exposed Online!

    A new website has made it simple to search through anyone's past online. It's as easy as typing in a name and selecting a state!

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  • Investing Education: P/E Ratio

    The P/E ratio tells investors how expensive a stock is compared to its earnings or profits. It can be used to compare stocks in a similar business or industry group but it’s not as helpful when comparing stocks in very different industries. Investors who are concerned about getting a good value try…

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  • Investing Education: Beta

    Beta can be used to understand the volatility of the stocks within your portfolio. Understanding volatility is important so you can help your portfolio maintain consistent returns and you can better understand the risks you may be taking at any one time. Beta can be used to make sure you aren’t…

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  • 4 reasons not to use your debit card at a bar

    So you're out at a bar but you don’t want to fund your drinks with credit, so you make a conscious effort to use a debit card. Here's what could go wrong.
  • The Quick Guide to Cheap Textbooks

    The average college student pays about $4,800 for textbooks at a 4-year public school. Luckily, there are ways for students to save thousands of dollars.

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  • BBC launches kid coding lessons as schools increase focus on computing

    This week marks a new chapter in how computing is taught in Britain's schools, with children as young as five learning how to code as part of the government's new national curriculum. With the help of ...

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  • Tables, Tablets, Data And Eating

    Editor’s note: Vladimir Edelman is the chief development officer of NTN Buzztime, a bar and restaurant social entertainment and integrated marketing platform.Restaurants as we know them have remained the same for over 200 years, and fables about amazing restaurant tech have inevitably leapt to…

  • 11 Famous People Who Quit Hollywood

    Everyone dreams they will hit the big time & become a superstar in Hollywood. These celebs did just that, but then decided to leave it all behind!

  • Civil disobedience expected in fast-food pay fight

    NEW YORK (AP) — McDonald's, Wendy's and other fast-food restaurants are expected to be targeted with acts of civil disobedience that could lead to arrests Thursday as labor organizers escalate their campaign to unionize the industry's workers.

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  • Roles on police shows don't help Pat Crowley avoid grandparent scam

    "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" wasn't the most important TV show from my childhood in terms of life lessons.

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  • Appaloosa Management eliminates position in JPMorgan Chase

    Appaloosa Management sold its position in banking giant JPMorgan Chase (JPM) last quarter. It accounted for 0.80% of the fund's total first quarter portfolio. JPMorgan Chase is a leading global financial ...

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  • Must-know: A thorough look at defining banking risk

    Banking risk can be defined as exposure to the uncertainty of outcome. It's applicable to full-service banks like JPMorgan (JPM), traditional banks like Wells Fargo (WFC), investment banks like Goldman ...

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  • What Students Really Carry Back To School

    Back-to-school stories are click fodder. They allow for marketers to feel they are directly addressing a group of easy marks. After all, when is your life more insecure than on the cusp of a grade change or a trip to college? The world, then, is in upheaval, you hunt for answers, sometimes in the…

  • Lenders look at levy to support banks in distress

    In June 2010, during a famous all-night session of horse-trading about the US legislative response to the financial crisis, the biggest banks were facing a big tax. The one-time levy was supposed to raise ...

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  • Enjoy this refreshing Triple Play offer!

    Get FIOS TV Mundo starting at $79.99/mo. w/ no annual contract + 2-yr. price guarantee. Or sign for 2 yrs. & get a $300 prepaid Visa. Click here.

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  • Goldman lent $835m to Banco Espírito Santo before bailout

    Goldman Sachs made a $835m loan to Banco Espírito Santo a month before Portugal's largest listed lender by value was bailed out in a complicated deal that could inflict losses on the Wall Street investment ...

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