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  • 4 ways to trick your brain and build your wealth

    Sadly, our brains aren’t wired to make us rich.

  • New Site Exposes Anyone's Past Online!

    A new site has made it simple to look through anyone's Past online! It's as easy as typing in a Name and selecting a State!

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  • Investing Education: Dividend and Yield

    The Div & Yield lists the annualized dividend amount and the dividend yield based on the most recent quarterly dividend a company has paid.

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  • Investing Education: P/E (ttm)

    The P/E ratio tells investors how expensive a stock is compared to its earnings or profits. It can be used to compare stocks in a similar business or industry group but it’s not as helpful when comparing stocks in very different industries. Investors who are concerned about getting a good value try…

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  • Investing Education: Market Capitalization

    It is reasonable to assume that small cap stocks that experience greater levels of volatility are more risky than those with a large market cap. But the upside potential for small cap stocks in a bull market may also be greater on average. How diversified your portfolio is between small and large…

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  • Investing Education: Pre-Market & After-Hours Trading

    Most traders know that the stock market is only open for six-and-a-half hours – from the time the opening bells rings at 9:30 am until the closing bell rings at 4:00 pm Eastern – nearly every business day. But what many traders don’t know is there are pre-market and after-hours trading sessions…

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  • Investing Education: Open Price & Daily Range

    The open price is the first price a stock trades at during the day. For active stocks that price will likely be set right at the market open, which occurs at 9:30am Eastern Standard Time. The open price is not predetermined but is set by buyers and sellers as orders are matched up in the market.

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  • Investing Education: Earnings Per Share (TTM)

    Ultimately, the value of any company must come down to its potential return to shareholders in the form of profits or dividends. Earnings or profits are watched very closely for signs of strength or weakness. However, earnings can be diluted across a very large number of shareholders. So earnings…

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  • 1 Major Way To Refinance Your Mortgage

    If you own a home and have a mortgage, you may be missing out on saving thousands per year. Find out if you qualify for this government program today.

  • Investing Education: Bid / Ask

    The Bid is the current price that buyers are “bidding” from sellers for shares of a particular stock. When you sell a stock, you are paid the Bid price. The Bid is usually a little lower than the Ask price, which is the price a seller is “asking” for the stock when you want to buy.

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  • Are workplace personality tests fair?

    The use of online personality tests by employers has surged in the past decade as they try to streamline the hiring process.

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  • Germs at the Office Are Often Found on Keyboards and at Coffee Stations

    Just one door contaminated with a virus spreads the germ to about half the surfaces and hands of about half the employees in the office within four hours, according to a study at the University of Arizona, in Tucson. "The hand is quicker than the sneeze," said Charles Gerba, a professor of…

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  • Why Obama’s on Risky Ground in Touting the Economy

    In his speech on the economy scheduled for this afternoon, President Obama faces a difficult challenge: persuading an electorate that things are getting better when, for a large part of the country, there’s little tangible evidence to prove his point. “It’s been an economic recovery that’s been…

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  • Tesla Teases Its Next Big D

    What’s a Tesla D? The electric-car company has a couple of much anticipated vehicles in the works, but neither of them are branded as “D.” The pending Tesla SUV is being called the “X” and the company is working on a Model 3 (or “Model III), a smaller car that will sell for about $35,000. …

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  • Elections 2014: State Ballot Measures to Watch

    Minimum wage, marijuana and abortion measures will help drive voter turnout in some tight U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races this November.

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  • Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Here's Your Solution.

    This step-by-step article exposes a ridiculously simple method to add $1,000's to your bottom line year after year.

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  • 4 Essential Money Mistakes Entrepreneurs Overlook

    How you set up and run your company from the beginning can have a significant affect on how you eventually exit.

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  • Moody's Upgrades Three and Affirms 13 Classes of MLMT 2005-LC1

    Approximately $1.02 Billion of Structured Securities Affected. New York, October 02, 2014-- Moody's Investors Service has upgraded the ratings of three classes and affirmed 13 classes in Merrill Lynch ...

  • 5 expenses that will improve your retirement

    There are many facets of living a fulfilled and content retirement, and money is just one component. Spending on these things will lead to a better retirement, and are worth having a little less money in the bank. It's important not to work so long and hard that you damage your health in the…

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  • Potato harvest schools Maine teens in hard work

    BLAINE, Maine (AP) — In the gentle hills of northern Maine, far from the rocky coastline and lighthouses, teenagers trade warm classrooms for cold potato fields every fall, just as they have for generations.

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  • Planned layoffs drop to 14-year low as unemployment claims fall

    American companies announced the fewest planned layoffs in 14 years in September while initial unemployment claims dropped last week to near a post-recession low, two positive labor market signs ahead ...

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  • Mortgage rates fall as the bond market rallies

    The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage fell 3 basis points, from 4.17% to 4.14% this week. The ten-year bond yield fell 4 basis points.

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  • 1 Tip To Lose Belly Fat

    It's Hollywood's Hottest Diet And Gets Rid Of Stubborn Fat Areas Like Nothing Else.

  • Derek Jeter Wrote the Playbook for Young Professionals

    The great Yankee, surely destined for the Hall of Fame, is a textbook study in how to honorably build an outstanding career.