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  • Scantily clad booth babes at tech trade shows get wardrobe check

    RSA Conference follows other associations in writing new dress codes for its exhibitors. And that means no more tube tops, minidresses or bodysuits for women -- or men -- staffing their booths.

  • Tesla Motors: Personal Storage Battery a 'Long Shot at Best'

    Yesterday, Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla Motors (TSLA) would have make a big announcement next month--one that wasn't about a car. It's now widely assumed that he will be debuting Tesla's "stationary storage application." BofA Merrill Lynch's John Lovallo II and John Murphy call it "a long-shot at…

  • Craigslist Rental Scam Leaves Family Without a Home

    An alleged scammer is said to have posted a foreclosed home on Craigslist, advertising it for rent when it wasn't.

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    Let's make a deal ... with Iran

    Details on the approaching deadline for negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran. CNBC's Eamon Javers and Jim Walsh, MIT senior research associate, discuss.

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  • Driver follows GPS off disused bridge, and wife dies, police say

    Technically Incorrect: Sheriffs in Indiana say that a man was following his GPS too slavishly and drove his car onto a ramp leading to a demolished bridge.

  • Former Putin allies question his political course

    MOSCOW (AP) — As Russian President Vladimir Putin marks 15 years since he was first elected, his former long-term allies are questioning his political course and warning of the economic consequences of his aggressive foreign policy.

    Associated Press23 mins ago
  • Offshore Drillers: There Goes the Gulf of Mexico

    The Gulf of Mexico has been the one place where offshore drillers haven't had to worry too much about cancellations but hat might be about to change after BP (BP) cancelled contracts on rigs owned by Ensco (ESV) and Seadrill Partners (SDLP). Raymond James analyst Praveen Narra and team explain:…

  • DARPA wants an army of drones to overwhelm the enemy

    US air warfare superiority has always been a constant, but the nation's pricey, complex new fighter jets can't dominate the air if they can't get there. Even the military's science arm, DARPA, said that ...

  • Adam West and Burt Ward team up for new 'Batman' animated film

    Holy moving pictures, Batman! The iconic actors will be lending their voices to an animated feature marking the 50th anniversary of the '60s "Batman" TV series.

  • Student loan recipients go on repayment strike, face default

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Sarah Dieffenbacher is on a debt strike. She's refusing to make payments on the more than $100,000 in federal and private loans she says she owes for studies at a for-profit college that she now considers so worthless she doesn't include it on her resume.

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    Retail impact on Q1

    Businesses are still feeling the impact of the shutdown at west coast ports. CNBC's Courtney Reagan tracks what it means for retailers and which names are bracing for a bigger hit to their bottom line.

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  • Millions of Americans have little to no money saved

    Millions of Americans have little to no emergency savings.

  • Texas Towns Under Pressure From Low Oil Prices

    In Texas, the heart of the U.S. shale boom, low oil prices have hammered several local economies while others have managed to diversify away from oil and are thriving

  • U.S. SEC accuses financier Lynn Tilton of defrauding investors

    U.S. regulators on Monday accused flamboyant New York financier Lynn Tilton and her advisory business of defrauding investors by hiding poor performance of assets underlying three collateralized loan obligation funds. The Securities and Exchange Commission said Tilton and several of her Patriarch…

  • Hamilton ready to sign on the dotted line

    Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton is ready to sign a new contract that, according to media reports, could net him more than $40 million a year. There's no reason why it shouldn't be," the Mercedes driver told British reporters after finishing second in Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix.

  • Rare Earths Problem Could Have A Nuclear Solution

    The rare earths market has been dominated by China in recent years, but the reemergence of molten salt reactors in the nuclear sector could bring that to an end

  • Gold prices to bottom out in 2015 after two-year slide - report

    Gold prices are forecast to bottom out in 2015 after a two-year slide as the expected start of the Federal Reserve's rate-raising cycle removes a key event risk from the market, consultancy Metals Focus said in a report on Tuesday. Expectations for higher interest rates, which would lift the…

  • U.S. may skirt oil storage crisis as drivers hit the road

    A month ago, it seemed inevitable: a massive global oversupply of crude oil production would overwhelm storage tanks in Oklahoma and fill supertankers off Singapore. Now, there are growing signs that the U.S. oil market can avoid the doomsday scenario in which it runs out of room to stockpile…

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    What's taking down tech

    CNBC's Josh Lipton reports on whether investors need to rethink their call on tech and where opportunities are in the tech sector.

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