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  • 15 Surprising Tax Deductions

    Okay, admit it: As you've struggled with your tax return, trying to come up with some extra deductions to pump up your refund or reduce what you owe, you've taken a few flights of fancy. "Can I claim ...

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  • 15 Nice-Try Tax Deductions

    Over the years, taxpayers have concocted a lot of zany arguments to justify tax deductions. We've come up with what we think are the 15 most creative ones that the courts decided did not quite work. As ...

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  • 7 Tax Credits You Shouldn’t Overlook

    Pay all the taxes you owe—but not a penny more.

  • 3 Tax Changes for 2015 You Need To Know About

    With tax season right around the corner, here are a few things that have changed this year

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  • How the Child Tax Credit Can Help You

    The child tax credit can give parents a meaningful boost to their income.

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  • London's Mayor Calls U.S. Capital-Gains Tax 'Outrageous'

    Boris Johnson, London’s outspoken mayor who is tipped as a potential successor to British Prime Minister David Cameron, has picked a fight with an unlikely adversary: Uncle Sam.

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  • 5 items to donate for a charitable tax deduction

    It's that warm and fuzzy time of year when you may be thinking of donating to charity. After all, you're a good person. It's the right thing to do. And sure, there's also a little matter of getting a tax ...

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  • Take a Tax Break for Decluttering

    Mind these tax rules when cleaning out your home and donating to charity.

  • 5 Financial Matters to Resolve Before the Holidays

    I think the best time to go over your retirement finances is in November. The holiday season is always very busy, and there are many financial matters that need to be taken care of before the New Year. Let's get these retirement finance needs out of the way so we can enjoy the holidays.

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  • Employee or contractor: What's the difference?

    Taxes Employment Taxes Employee Vs. Contractor: A Tax Distinction It's beginning to look a lot like the holiday hiring season, with companies adding more workers to handle the seasonal customer crush. ...
  • Smart Year-End Moves to Trim Your 2014 Tax Bill

    If you act before New Year's Day, you can limit what you owe the IRS.

  • How to figure basis on home-turned-rental property

    Dear Tax Talk, Regarding basis for depreciation on rental property: IRS rules indicate to take the purchase price of the property and depreciate over 27 1/2 years, adjusted for any personal use. However, ...
  • How to cut your tax bill by the end of the year

    It’s time to make some moves to lower your 2014 tax bill.

  • 7 Tax Extenders That Affect You

    The tax laws that expired at the end of 2013 benefited many taxpayers. Congress will now determine if they are worthy of revival. Here?s what you need to know.

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  • Sell inherited land to stop heirs from fighting?

    My father-in-law left land to my mother-in-law, stating that it goes to the kids. My mother-in-law is saying she wants the checks made to the kids separately. The legal owner of the property is considered the seller of the property and will receive the Form 1099 reporting the sales proceeds.Your…
  • Small Business Guide to Deducting Charitable Donations

    Businesses can make tax deductible donations to bona fide nonprofit organizations. But you may be surprised to learn how it is deducted on your tax return.

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  • Personal finance tips: Dealing with delayed tax refunds, and more

    Tax refunds could be delayed If you're expecting a tax refund next year, you may have to wait, said Laura Saunders at The Wall Street Journal. Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen suggested last week that next year's tax season could be the most complicated ever for the IRS, thanks…

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  • 10 year-end tax moves to make now

    April 15 is the target date for taxes, but to ensure that you pay the Internal Revenue Service the least possible amount on that date, you need to make some tax moves before the tax year ends. Hold off on selling assets that will produce a capital gain.
  • Homeowners: Fall Planning Brings Spring Tax Savings

    What homeowners can do now to prepare for tax time. Rules for deducting mortgage interest and itemizing other expenses to lower the tax bill.

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