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$1.4 million Mariemont home sale among the week's top property transfers

Find out how much property is selling for in your neighborhood.
Find out how much property is selling for in your neighborhood.

Each week we compile local real estate records so you can find out what property is selling for in your neighborhood.

Need more information about these sales? Check out each county's site:

We also have a local database page with restaurant inspections, an unemployment tracker, river levels and more.


Information provided by Hamilton County Auditor Brigid Kelly.


210 Sekitan Ave: Dunlap Sharon V to Taylor Mark; $92,000

Amberley Village

3205 Longmeadow Ln: Hometown Property Solutions LLC to Szilasi Timothy W & Rachel A; $625,000

5024 Rollman Estates Dr: Bell Virginia & M J to Meisterman Daniel & Alison; $1,005,000

Anderson Township

1721 Collinspark Ct: Fritz Ashley K to Miller Joseph Samuel; $284,000

6242 Salem Rd: Lovdal Scott to Hipp Conlan P; $280,000

7107 Bestview Te: Lewis Erica Lynn to Robinson Jason & Ronit Gavronsky; $376,800

7191 Paddison Rd: Dreyer Evelyn L Tr to Alfaya Samuel A; $360,000

8020 Stonegate Dr: Poellein Kelly C Tr to Bruckmann Lynn Marie; $481,000

8142 Nagelwoods Dr: Sund Raymond E Tr & Pauline E to Friesen Tom B & Amy E; $429,900

919 Eight Mile Rd: Blankenship Sharon Kay to Torrez Wilder Francisco Zamora &; $240,000

940 Pamela Dr: Burnes Donald E & Margaret H to Heckler Robert J & Allison Hamilton; $175,000


12 Glen Este Pl: Johnson Elaine to Myhpl LLC; $80,000

704 Glenwood Ave: Johnson Tamika to D E L Y Properties LLC; $50,000

Blue Ash

10281 Ryans Wy: Silverman Ryan S & Galite T to Stephens Jacob & Brittany; $949,900

10624 Kenridge Dr: Ravenhall Richard to Ratcliff Joseph T & Lindsey E; $540,000

11080 Grand Ave: Gold Door Properties LLC to Proeschel Chelsea & Gregorey Celestin; $335,000

3649 Lobelia Dr: Becker Stephen P & Joy A to Worley Sara E & Kent M; $425,000

3681 Tiffany Ridge Ln: Prabhakar Bipin K & Annu B to Balakumar Vikram; $674,000

9526 Highland Ave: John Henry Homes Inc to Phillips Alex & Brendan Phillips; $701,136

9884 Timbers Dr: Dye Lisa J to Little Zachary Dean; $315,000

Bond Hill

1847 Berkley Ave: Duque Juan to Oruma Alima; $240,000

1958 Catalina Ave: Houseworks Property Management Co Ltd to Stewart David; $232,000

Business District

335 Fifth St: Mcgraw David M to Geissler Michael D; $362,500

353 Fourth St: Genau Michael to Rodenberg Sue Ann & John Phillip; $369,900

615 Main St: Tcmh Holdings LLC to Samaan Brothers LLC; $700,000


5001 Kellogg Ave: Walsh David to Pinson Chad; $1,700

Camp Washington

1346 Ethan Ave: Ethan Oak Holdings LLC to Everyday Joe Construction; $32,000


115 Seventy-second St: Sanders Jermaine to Rebeilar Jairo A Escabedo; $42,500

115 Seymour Ave: Archbishop Of Cincinnati Tr to The Carthage Civic League; $200,000

136 Seventy-third St: Harrington Wayne to Rodriguez Eleu Soto; $52,740


3396 Alta Vista Ave: Dipuccio Nancy A to Oaks Property Group LLC; $80,000

4249 Applegate Ave: Miknius Maria J & Ryan to Kron Brett; $193,000


112 Western Knoll Ct: Haering Lee H & Linda K to Baumbach Joseph & Elizabeth; $250,400

Colerain Township

10910 Newmarket Dr: Wirmel Ronald E to Fifth Third Bank National Association; $94,000

11909 Abbeytown Dr: Mi Homes Of Cincinnati LLC to Paluga Francis & Donna Freese; $399,900

11916 Abbeytown Dr: Mi Homes Of Cincinnati LLC to Anegebele Yannick Herve & Stephanie; $443,000

12025 Westland Ct: Mi Homes Of Cincinnati LLC to Morehouse Eric Benjamin & Errica Lynette; $439,555

12029 Westland Ct: Mi Homes Of Cincinnati LLC to Seta Cheryl Ann; $487,175

2468 Amelia Court: D R Horton Indiana LLC to Marfowaa Gifty Donkor & Precious Aklasu; $344,000

2473 Ambassador Dr: Thomas Edward R to Williams Jayme Anthony; $256,000

2638 Niagara St: Williams Bonnie E to Opendoor Property Tr I; $149,500

2861 Regal Ln: Weddle Corine L to Th Property Owner I LLC; $180,000

3251 March Te: Cheek Gregory R to Delaney Daniel; $214,000

3642 Vernier Dr: Hogeback Real Estate Investments LLC to Anderson Michael A; $210,000

4250 Endeavor Dr: Swartz Lloyd & Bonita to Studer Amanda Ruth; $172,500

5517 Dry Ridge Rd: Nidey Grant & Nichole to Ware Spencer Raleigh III & Hope Ware; $462,500

5587 Day Rd: Acheson Marsha to Navins Theodore J & Kathleen A; $385,000

6594 Blue Rock Rd: Ellis Sarah Arlene to Lopez Gilberto; $59,000

6600 Blue Rock Rd: Ellis Sarah Arlene to Lopez Gilberto; $59,000

8064 Peacock Dr: Langworthy John & Amy S to Black Latisha Lashon; $235,000

8293 Fawnlake Ct: Leon Gus & Kathryn to Benhase Christine Ellen & Andrew Evan Mason; $369,500

8909 Summercrest Dr: Kaiser Michael R Tr & Barbara A Tr to Stern Jennifer R & Jason H; $460,000

9323 Pippin Rd: Wilson Norma F to Avm Investments Inc; $73,900

9805 Melcarl Dr: Dunlap Development LLC to Nvr Inc; $36,600

9807 Melcarl Dr: Dunlap Development LLC to Nvr Inc; $36,600

9809 Melcarl Dr: Dunlap Development LLC to Nvr Inc; $36,600

9811 Melcarl Dr: Nvr Inc to Taper Emeshia Nicole; $251,180

9813 Melcarl Dr: Nvr Inc to Sinclair Christopher T & Keya N; $238,160

9815 Melcarl Dr: Nvr Inc to Tatum Armand F & Valerie D; $257,180

9862 Dunlap Dr: Nvr Inc to Boldt Grant M & Mckayla; $255,570

9940 Regatta Dr: Talbert Stephanie Nicole to Mcdonald Lisa & Susan Lazenby; $165,000

Blue Rock Rd: Gully Donald M & Diana F to Dodd Sarah Es & Thomas E Dodd III; $2,609

Merril Ct: Grand Communities Ltd to Fischer Single Family Homes Iv LLC; $86,000

College Hill

1320 HiLLCrest Rd: Cordray Bill to Leonard Cameron M & Celeste; $150,000

1611 Harbeson Ave: Ohara Robert G Gdn to R2r Grimes Investments LLC; $140,000

2134 North Bend Rd: Bush Mary L to Cobb Christopher & Olivia; $160,000

5787 Lantana Ave: Lol Group LLC to Alpha V Properties LLC; $70,000

6143 Argus Rd: Vb One LLC to Dama Mithun & Sukeerthi Ravilla; $105,000

Columbia Township

5519 Stewart Rd: Webb James Bradley & Nadine Press to Brooks Tyler C; $221,000

6902 Roe St: Walker Castleberry Lenora to Walker Joi Nicole; $121,920

Columbia Tusculum

429 Mcdowell St: Armitage Glenn A to Queen City Rentals 2 LLC; $140,000


236 Stetson St: Birri Chris & Kathryn Hitchcock to Severance Masello Ashley Lynn &; $325,000

Crosby Township

7546 Harbor Wy: Stansell Laurell & Russell to Yacucci Louis N & Patricia D; $339,000

Deer Park

4143 Lansdowne Ave: Billups Michael D to Mitsch Luke P & Samantha Mccoy; $247,500

7116 Virginia Ave: Wagner Christine A to Wilf Zeven; $220,000

7808 Lake Ave: Tieman Kyle R & Samantha A to Rehn Kyle F & Catherine L; $265,000

Wentworth Ln: Deer Park Development LLC to Nvr Inc; $56,000

Wentworth Ln: Nvr Inc to Bowen Shannon Victoria & Joshua Edwards; $319,650

Wentworth Ln: Nvr Inc to Swormstedt Daniel Patrick; $348,730

Delhi Township

1074 Tahoe Te: Saba Youhana I to Rettig Karl W & Erica L; $310,000

1250 Heather Rdg: Drees Company The to Smith Hugh Craig & Alisa Ann Dadian; $489,900

332 Glen Oaks Dr: Dumitru & Sons Inc to Roll Raymond C; $225,000

4284 Mayhew Ave: Garland Phil H & Evelyn G Turner-garland to Emmitt Patrick J; $64,781

4631 Foley Rd: Wellington Investments LLC to Wiskeyfox LLC; $125,000

465 Sunaire Te: Stone Joseph D to Meyer Patrick Thomas & Emily Camille Meyer; $270,000

5021 Foley Rd: Koenig Dennis S & Jane C Babbitt to Banaszynski Kristy; $150,000

5517 Cove Ct: Endres Claire R to Owens Benjamin & Deborah G; $258,500

831 Neeb Rd: Lipps Jr Bernard E @3 to Horak Donald W & Betty Ann; $225,000

846 Pat Ct: Weisner Karen H & Sheryl Hofmann Donavan Tr to Wiesner John T; $113,000

East Price Hill

1022 Grand Ave: Shimon Dahan Properties LLC to Alpha V Properties LLC; $50,000

1670 Atson Ln: Vb One LLC to Agustin Israel Pablo; $117,000

1725 Atson Ln: Vb One LLC to Bss Properties LLC; $112,000

2802 River Rd: Collins Riverside Development LLC to Axis Oh Holdings LLC; $30,000

2804 River Rd: Collins Riverside Development LLC to Axis Oh Holdings LLC; $30,000

2808 River Rd: Collins Riverside Development LLC to Axis Oh Holdings LLC; $30,000

2810 River Rd: Collins Riverside Development LLC to Axis Oh Holdings LLC; $30,000

2812 River Rd: Collins Riverside Development LLC to Axis Oh Holdings LLC; $30,000

2814 River Rd: Collins Riverside Development LLC to Axis Oh Holdings LLC; $30,000

2820 River Rd: Collins Riverside Development LLC to Axis Oh Holdings LLC; $30,000

742 Enright Ave: Cahill John S to Taylor Michael P & Patricia K; $57,000

East Walnut Hills

1617 Mcmillan Ave: Henson Steven Richards to Yelda Marilyn Roth Tr; $415,000

Elmwood Place

516 Locust St: Anneken Shirley R to Dreyer Dylan; $70,000


1613 Clarewood Ave: Posey Nia to Boyd Jonathan; $15,000

1823 Hewitt Ave: 25 Montgomery Development LLC to Kanegi Sklyer Lee; $363,000

3311 Wabash Ave: Broadnax Robert S & Robin T to Broadnax Robin T & Robin Real Estate LLC; $25,085

3517 Bevis Ave: Vision Property Group LLC to Bevis Aai LLC; $125,000


6217 Bedford St: Luecke Arlene M to Cozy Ohio LLC; $200,000

6219 Bedford St: Luecke Arlene M to Cozy Ohio LLC; $200,000

Forest Park

1025 Waycross Rd: Kfj Realty Group LLC to Canady Jamel@3; $121,000

11534 Geneva Rd: Vb Two LLC to Mendoza Agusto Ramos; $143,000

11789 Kenn Rd: Fabian Rodolfo Batista to Polanco Jose L Veras & Amancia Polanco Tavarez; $195,000

2110 Waycross Rd: Lgd Dessert Company LLC to Elap Real Estate Holdings LLC; $750,000

859 Holyoke Dr: Feldhaus & Peace Real Estate Holdings LLC to Flanigan Sean Patraic & Holly Ann Wanek; $254,000

Golf Manor

2325 Vera Ave: Lerma Jean Agnes to Action Property Resolutions LLC; $160,000

2539 Losantiville Ave: Malott John M to Sheffield Amber & Patrick John Oreilly Tanner; $285,000

Green Township

1753 Leona Dr: Palm Avenue Hialeah Trust to Klug Russell A; $115,000

2020 Rollingridge Ln: Tapia Edgar & Daniel Torres to Chamberlain Patricia A; $243,500

3521 West Fork Rd: Mundy Bernard to Grady Nicole; $112,000

3574 Locust Ln: Harnist Richard to Th Property Owner I LLC; $180,000

3857 Robinhill Dr: Gottlieb David D & Rachel M to Webb David J & Bailey C; $310,000

4170 Hubble Rd: Webster Michelle Lynn to Goodwin Sherry; $310,000

4651 Nathaniel Glen Dr: Knapp Charles to Vasilou Konstantinos; $300,000

4853 Kleeman Green Dr: Corwin Richard E Jr to Furey Meredith & Ivor A Niggebrugge; $360,000

4978 Shadow Hawk Dr: M/i Homes Of Cincinnati LLC to Hock Phillip J III & Peggy M; $681,961

5221 West Fork Rd: Delfavero Louisa C to Carter Jr Ralph S; $320,000

5401 Michelles Oak Ct: Rossi Alexander to Namaky Matt; $162,000

5731 Eula Ave: Danielson Bridgette & Samuel to Carlsen Caitlin R; $225,000

5946 Harrison Ave: Penson Jack L & Samantha to Hampton David @3; $136,000

6030 Falconway Ct: M/i Homes Of Cincinnati LLC to Leon Gus & Kathryn; $567,550

6131 Sharlene Dr: Boehringer Samuel Raymond to Boehringer Nathan W; $215,000

6292 Charity Dr: Young Philip C Tr to Berger Gregory E & Deborah L; $241,500

6874 Jimjon Ct: Rack James & Deborah A to Lang Sandy & Ron Lang Jr; $270,000

7832 Bridge Point Dr: Wheatley Michael W to Brizzolara Paul T & Janet; $275,000


49 Illona Dr: Self Jeannette to Self Cody; $171,000


1289 Cavanaugh Ln: Nvr Inc to Wickman Candice M; $312,735

1291 Cavanaugh Ln: Nvr Inc to Sauer Angela M; $311,280

145 Timepiece Ln: Goodpaster Dorothy A & Rebecca A Lail to Leviton Beverly A & Lee D Leviton; $280,000

1642 Garden Springs Ct: Baumann David L to Carroll Daniel & Marsha; $437,500

8967 Camberley St: Starks Shala to Vollmer Noriko C & Kevin M; $370,000

8984 Camberley St: Simpkins Bryce A to Miller Lindsey A & Carley N Compton; $307,000

9413 Morris Dr: Ellis Victoria to Houck Catarena & Daniel Sweeney; $416,000

Harrison Township

10048 Starspray Dr: Niehaus Beverly A to Sutthoff Lawrence J & Karen M; $380,000

New Haven Rd: Day Mary D Tr to Bloemker Donald P; $205,000

Hyde Park

2366 Dana Ave: Linde Meredith A & Luke Markham to Wilmer Jennifer S; $330,000

2980 Observatory Ave: Rodes Scott & Jennifer to Cooper Grant E & Megan A; $925,000

3618 Herschel Ave: 3618 Herchel Ave LLC to Wonderland Rentals LLC; $215,000

3646 Ashworth Dr: Brumm Brian A to Schaser Emily; $295,000

3707 Grovedale Pl: Kor Properties LLC to Painter Gary Tr & Patricia Tr; $557,500

4120 Allendale Dr: Hay Gary S to Callahan Phyllis & James Janik; $649,000

Indian Hill

5305 Graves Rd: Kirby Todd M & Jamie Jagers to 5305 Graves Road Holding LLC; $2,699,000

8275 Kroger Farm Rd: Wolter Judith E Tr to Emuron Dennis $ Tammie; $1,700,000

9 Old Orchard Ln: Tummala Saigiridhar & Rama to Copper Creek Homes Inc; $765,000

Kennedy Heights

6244 Red Bank Rd: Chaney Daniel W to Aemo Property Group LLC; $105,000


116 Bacon St: Moore Marisa S to Successful Beginings LLC; $95,000

345 Williams St: Foggie Khadijah M to West Frank; $155,000


5034 Bristol Ct: Kapsolios Ria to Smith Joyce; $305,000

830 Carrington Pl: Aripov Ergash to Sanner Martin A; $250,000


5660 Oakvista Dr: Transohio Companies Inc to Pfeffenberger Aaron M & Ashley N; $518,000

7106 Thomas Dr: Williamson Robert J to 4th Street Capital LLC; $273,000

7265 Rita Ln: Metcalf Mary to Rita Holdings LLC; $172,470

7410 Dawson Rd: Yeager Stephen S & Randi to Braun Jr Jerome; $57,085

8231 Indian Trail Dr: Haas Daniel A & Katherine K to Hoeweler Bradley & Molly; $763,000


4678 Riley Ln: Miller Denise @3 to Thompson Holly; $280,760

5805 Bramble Ave: Drummond Erika Lindsay to Noll Evan James; $299,000

6232 Desmond St: Berry Darrell to Real Equity Oh LLC; $122,000

6232 Desmond St: Real Equity Oh LLC to Lucky Shoe Property Holdings LLC; $139,000


2 Linden Pl: Langevin Scott M & Erin E to Rathberger James D & Emmalyn J Matix; $465,000

3807 Homewood Rd: Cooper Grant E & Megan A to Burke Kevin Foley & Luz Maria Burke; $580,750

6608 Miami Bluff Dr: Duprat Sylvia Gonzalez to Marzullo Frank J & Paige N Marks; $1,050,000

6613 Mariemont Ave: Allen Stanley C & Alexandra G to Myer Charles M Iv & Amy S; $1,400,000

6614 Miami Bluff Dr: Marks Paige N & Frank Marzullo to Barnett Aaron J & Amanda H; $820,000

Miami Run: Miami Run Jv LLC to Ashford Homes LLC; $175,000

Miami Run: Miami Run Jv LLC to Ashford Homes LLC; $185,000

Miami Township

2794 Buckridge Dr: Fischer Single Family Homes Iv LLC to Cox Elaine & David; $466,900

7533 Zion Hill Rd: Lape Christopher D & Lorie A to Miller Kevin P & Christine G; $305,000


230 Vintage Club Blvd: Traditions Vc North LLC to Hopf Clarence Joseph & Susan E Tr; $672,699

8980 Nathaniels Hollow: Katzew Jan & Alane to Dennis Benjamin J & Madison; $570,000

Mount Airy

5691 Colerain Ave: Lewis Realty LLC to Wyche Vada; $220,000

5707 Kiplingwood Dr: Merritt Conor to Simpson Sherice & Julo Eliacin; $275,500

Mount Auburn

1610 Mansfield St: Colubiale Anthony J & Kelly L Sheehy to Bennett Shannagaye; $324,500

2046 Highland Ave: 2046 Highland Avenue LLC to Kaanapali Renovations LLC; $150,000

2046 Highland Ave: Kaanapali Renovations LLC to N2 Highland LLC; $189,900

2123 Rice St: Teko Land Group LLC to Larkey Brandon G & Andrew J Zofkie; $2,250

2136 Rice St: Tbmg Properties LLC to Larkey Brandon G & Andrew J Zofkie; $4,500

2140 Rice St: Tbmg Properties LLC to Larkey Brandon G & Andrew J Zofkie; $4,500

319 Boal St: Tarver Derrick S to Gerke Seth R; $357,000

323 Mulberry St: Vineyard Homes Inc to Proper Offer LLC; $12,803

Mount Healthy

7417 Hamilton Ave: Wright Ysabel to Pndgy Properties LLC; $125,000

Mount Lookout

1010 Crest Cr: Grote Gretchen D & Laura L Craft to Mayernik Mackenzie Christine; $577,316

1170 Herschel Ave: Harsh Katherine L & Jacob Allen to Brink Olivia; $420,000

671 Reisling Knoll: Kittell Jeffrey & Roberta Fiore-kittell to Solomon Paul F; $925,000

747 Tusculum Ave: Antonsson Stefan & Kerrin M to Sontag Helene Leigh & Brandon Thomas; $1,350,000

Mount Washington

1823 Mears Ave: Stull Amy & Eli to English Peter W; $225,000

2676 Wayward Winds Dr: Rossman Jewel T to Basier Luke Joseph Robert & Mary C; $281,000

6039 Heis Te: Conrex Ml Sma LLC to Napa Investments Inc; $200,100


3379 Rio Grande Ln: Verkamp Jarrod & Laura to Dumas Jackson M; $205,000

North Avondale

3900 Rose Hill Ave: Fletcher Michael C Tr to Buckely Kevin Joseph; $110,500

701 Betula Ave: Fiscella Andrew & Lucy Treadway to Davis Gabriel A & Princess; $665,000

North College Hill

1532 Southridge Ln: Fair Price Properties LLC to Fleming Eric; $183,000

1722 Dallas Ave: Cox Dorothy J to Sofer Deana M; $141,000


1620 Robinson Cr: Nash Amber Raeann to Smith Alexander K; $277,000


2010 Delaware Ave: 870 Northwest LLC to Riggs Kyle William & Marya; $305,000

2113 Cathedral Ave: Fruge William G & Kathryn E to Daddarlo Jordan A; $250,000

2130 Feldman Ave: As Capital LLC to Ostendorf Enterprises LLC; $108,000

2235 Drex Ave: Mcgarvie Chad & Drew Couch to Backman Connor P & Alyssa King; $290,000

5200 Rolston Ave: As Capital LLC to 242 Housing LLC; $229,500


2727 Atlantic Ave: Sudlow Diana & Daniel to Berry Merrill J; $486,250

3424 Club Crest Ave: Hilton Capital Group LLC to Larkins Ventures LLC; $209,000

3564 Madison Park Ave: Schaser Emily W Tr to Muir Stephanie & Steven E; $360,000

3715 Woodland Ave: Miller Terry to Mbah Nsehniitooh & Jewell Gaulding; $215,000

3814 Isabella Ave: Ogilbyjustin & Elizabeth to Hilb Maxwell; $335,000

4149 Pillars Dr: Gorman Daniel D Jr Tr & Susan W Tr to Diercks Hannah & Chris Bowman; $428,500

Paddock Hills

4540 Springmeadow Dr: Jackson Carlotta @ 3 to Johnson Lauren E & Luke C Johnson; $269,000

Pleasant Ridge

2563 Ridgeland Pl: Yocis John E to Cossman Ian Vaughn & Nicole Niemeyer; $245,500

2832 Cortelyou Pl: Hts Properties LLC to Herren Sydney L & Kevin D; $433,000

2962 Mapleleaf Ave: Lawler Andrew to Macveigh Aurora; $285,000

6171 Grand Vista Ave: Mclearen Andrea & Doug to Lonaker Sarah A; $257,000


1155 Fuhrman Rd: Neuner Pamela M to Grippa Louis S & Anjali K; $150,000

133 East Crest Dr: Hadden Jeremy C & Shirley to Vanpelt David Jacob & Elizabeth Skye; $236,000

146 West Crest Dr: Powell Jennifer L & James D to Albrinck Ashley N; $283,000

251 Harvest Ln: Phelon Bernard to Branam Robert Jr; $50,000

322 Vine St: Rigsby Jennifer M Tr to Kroeger James E II Tr & The Kroeger Family Trust; $95,000

806 Wachendorf St: Ras Musa LLC to Emrayi LLC; $115,000


7612 Yorkshire Pl: Qp-fk Properties LLC to Cincinnati Housing Investors III Co LLC; $265,000

Sayler Park

6428 River Rd: Foust Casey to Th Property Owner I LLC; $153,000


3126 River Rd: Hood Herbert to Cohen Yael Amit & Ofer Aharon; $110,000


10877 Reading Rd: Hinkle Robert T & Jaime N to Venture Real Estate Group LLC; $128,000

11851 Goldenhill Dr: Brock Michael P & Katie M to Bodkin Louis R & Chelsey E Zulia; $266,000

1641 Crescentville Rd: Alicea Matthew to Rosato Anthony Joseph & Cole Daniel Barela; $179,900

5481 Kemper Rd: Canter Robert J & Allison to Bengel Peter & Leeann Phipps Bengel; $292,000


6739 Belkenton Ave: Griffiths Jenna N to Cerchio Brian V; $275,000

South Fairmount

1940 Knox St: Kfj Realty Group to Cincy Property Care LLC; $57,000

2045 Harrison Ave: White Dearis to Gamble Maigan; $19,350

2570 St Leo Pl: North Fairmount Community Center to 2570 St Leo Place LLC; $45,000

72 Lydia St: Davis Kendall W to Phillips Kaiwan Sr; $5,000


11808 Ashmore Ct: Dogan Karen Tr to Salameh Raed S; $288,000

210 Harter Ave: Matcharashvili Zaal to Khutsishvili Aleksandre & Maia Natcharashvili; $160,000

282 Kemper Rd: Huber Edward G Iii to Holtz Robert A II & Megan B; $225,000

Springfield Township

612 Compton Rd: Taylor Mark to Henderson Kayla Marie & Daniel Christian; $249,900

6626 Twinridge Ln: Folzenlogen Joseph M to Cromer Ash Kiya & Zachary; $180,000

7298 Ipswich Dr: Kaanapali Renovations LLC to Slds Properties LLC; $139,900

7298 Ipswich Dr: Lanter Edward C Tr to Kaanapali Renovations LLC; $130,000

8406 Arundel Ct: Stockton Stuart A to Wilson Sunday & Melody Vergenz; $173,000

865 North Hill Ln: Clarke Martin Jr to Espinal Wilder Josue Rodriguez &; $240,000

8720 Woodview Dr: Herscovici Nicolae to Aichele Justin; $145,000

8726 Constance Ln: Herking Susan A to Hamilton Emma S; $220,000

9852 Lorelei Dr: Sanford James L Tr to Bray Jeffery L; $160,000

St. Bernard

400 Jackson Ave: Ti Residential Holdings I LLC to Han Bing & Andrew Gilpin; $180,000

4326 Errun Ln: Dwenger Adolph to Hoffman Eugene M & Shelly N; $250,000

4425 Greenlee Ave: Walden Annabelle to Hempleman Eric Alan; $107,500

Sycamore Township

11771 Wingate Ln: Steger Carol A Tr to Culter Steven Elliott & Brigid Kelly; $725,000

3879 Mantell Ave: Denoyer Erica R to Todhunter Justin; $290,000

4113 Estermarie Dr: Davin Shawn Christian to Bridenthal Jacob H & Jessica M Barnes; $295,000

5900 Kugler Mill Rd: Liu Lan to Ulland Craig & Kaitlyn; $515,000

7997 Autumnwind Dr: Roberts Kelsey L to Martin Samantha Jade & Charles Edward; $324,900

8064 Hetz Dr: Gage Leann Planchock & Joseph Luther Jr to Weil Arin Michelle; $210,000

Symmes Township

10301 Stablehand Dr: Yash Lynne to Berter Timothy P & Sara; $726,000

11548 Kemperwoods Dr: Perry Marie Monzell Tr to Uckotter Jeffrey & Chelsey; $793,985

9205 Mckinney Rd: Menkedick Kevin to Lamplot Joseph John; $210,000

Terrace Park

748 Wooster Pk: Federal National Mortgage Association to Pommert David & Mary; $270,000

Walnut Hills

716 Wayne St: Gorzynski Piotr & Amber to Aarr Wayne LLC; $200,000

860 Buena Vista Pl: Kelley Delores to Resolve Properties LLC; $100,000

West Price Hill

1211 Ross Ave: Ladson Deborah to Charif Nashat; $100,000

1616 Gilsey Ave: Parlier Ian to Kauflin Cameron; $154,900

2411 Bluffcrest Ln: Mccoy Angela M to Martinez Ilaisah L & Mario Tobar; $220,000

3926 Clerose Cr: Vb One LLC to Jacob Cutter Holding Company LLC; $92,000

3935 Clerose Cr: Moorman Judith A to Harman Greg; $40,000

4112 Eighth St: De Real Estate Holdings LLC to Aquino Fredys; $200,000

4694 Rapid Run Rd: Lol Group LLC to Alpha V Properties LLC; $80,000

4720 Dale Ave: Rodgers Christiane M to Rucker Andrew; $80,000

4973 Glenway Ave: Lowstuter Richard H Jr to 4973 Glenway Ave LLC; $205,000

597 Trenton Ave: Toll James to Upscale Investments LLC; $50,000


2358 Harrison Ave: Walker Delphinia B to Norton Charles D; $15,050

2746 Queenswood Dr: Madsen Jorgen Peter & Jace Ottley to Carroll Emily & Krystian Kruzel; $280,000

2919 Temple Ave: Vb One LLC to Deh Elhadji Ibrahima Cissoko; $162,000

2945 Mignon Ave: Kahner Jamie to Vanderver Adam J; $142,000

3018 Sandra Pl: Vanover Phyllis to Metz Joseph & Carol N; $202,000

3229 Cavanaugh Ave: Kip Investment Group LLC to Bayjor Properties LLC; $1,500

3370 Robinet Dr: Thoma Mary Ann to Wheeler Rae Geri & Robert Wynn; $140,000

3594 Schwartze Ave: Kindel Herbert J to Neumann Brothers LLC; $208,500

Whitewater Township

5108 State Route 128: Stafford Larry P to Stafford Charles W; $2,730

7189 Redridge: Seal Jeanette M to Brigham Elizabeth Ann Tr; $355,000

Hamilton Cleves Rd: Lsr LLC to Boner Thomas A; $90,000


1110 Springfield Pk: Clark Evan P to King Allison E & Timothy J Kroger; $201,000

60 Oliver Rd: Danley Judith Tr to Oliver Road Holdings LLC; $512,500

609 Springfield Pk: Cambron Ryan to Pandey Kulwant; $186,800

912 Springfield Pk: Mcglynn Brian D & Jill J to Holliday Lindsay D & Benjamin A Mulkey; $380,000


Information provided by Christine Charlson.


10234 Goldeneye Drive: Stephanie Bailer to Elisabeth and David Taylor; $260,000

10602 Christa Court, unit 2: Brandon Whitaker to Julie and John Lyons; $135,000

180 Ridgewood Drive: Amanda and Adam Howard to Taylor and Tad Dougherty; $286,000

753 Wigeon Drive: Candice and Kent Kelsch to Ashley Comelius and Henry Noyes; $379,000

97 Longridge Drive: Joyce Calhoun to Lauren and Evan Berkmeyer; $400,000


166 Van Voast Ave.: Good Faith Homes, LLC to Sophie Fiers; $333,000

419 Ward Ave.: Bellevue Land, LLC to Aubrey Claxton; $250,000

506 Van Voast Ave.: Barbara and Richard Hardin to Bellevue Land, LLC; $145,000

52 Donnermeyer Drive: Lois Miller to Hickory Wald Kentucky, LLC; $420,000


1779 Clearbrook Drive: Jessica and Kevin Bryant to Felisa and Nestor Astaiza; $290,000

2917 Spring Cove Way: Katherine and Christopher Mueller to Lindsey and Jesse Arrasmith; $375,000

5031 Flintlock Drive: 8001, LLC to Peter Bendorf; $298,000

5924 N. Jefferson St.: S&M Custom Painting Services, Inc. to Clairiann and Timothy Terry; $285,500

6456 Graham Court: Dawn Adamson and Paul Hensley to Kathy and Gregory Raper; $385,000

6712 Gordon Boulevard: Amanda Zahn and Michael McPherson to Kristopher Kojs; $288,000

6912 Lucia Drive: Colleen and Matthew Mullens to Rachel and Alex Washburn; $320,000

7067 Putters Point, unit 107-F: Brenda and Michael Ward to Sarah Clinkenbeard and Timothy Clinkenbeard; $218,000

Cold Spring

361 Hidden Valley Road: Rhiannon Harper and Robert Graham to Jasmine and Jacob Hendricks; $140,000

42 Springside Drive, unit 26-D: Jennifer and Kyle McCurdy to Morgan and Benjamin Rawe and Gary Rawe; $186,000


111 E. 42nd St.: Christa and Daniel Henson to Ben Morril; $172,000

1224 Banklick St.: Lori Correll to Wischer Holdings, LLC; $115,000

1344 Maryland Ave.: Gail and Mark Dwertman to Hannah Quirk; $325,000

1345 Garrard St.: Laurie and Kyle Frye to Point East A, LLC and Point East B, LLC; $110,000

1548 Woodburn Ave.: Janell and Darrin Stuckwisch to Natalie Smith; $210,000

1624 Holman Ave.: TPM Capital, LLC to Madison Ertz; $260,000

1720 Garrard St.: M&C Gallagher, LLC to Issiah Holt and Jay Holt; $195,000

26 Levassor Place: Sandra and William Kerlin to Lee and Martin Day; $345,000

3138 Rosina Ave.: Christopher Blair to Paul Peregord; $180,000

616 Watkins St.: Angela and Damien Weller to Hannah Worth; $186,500

660-662 W. Pike St.: MB Stevens General Contracting Service Group, LLC to Richare Hess-Luers; $350,000

661 W. Pike St.: EDF Kentucky, LLC to 661 West Pike, LLC; $375,000

Crescent Springs

2530 Crosshill Drive, unit 5-101: Fischer Attached Homes III, LLC to Mckenzie and Rodney Askew Jr.; $283,000

2545 Crosshill Drive, unit 7-304: Fischer Attached Homes III, LLC to Jeffrey Rabinovich; $300,000


104 9th Ave.: Robert Smith to Lilian Campbell and Philip Gentry; $170,000

412 Kenton St.: Richard Volmer to Wooden Stud, LLC; $111,000


3697 Alexander Road: Richard Williams to Palman Group, LLC; $600,000


2980 Sequoia Drive, unit 2: Robert Lehman to Jessica Hill; $160,000

3109 Edge Mar Drive, unit 2: Kathryn Molony to Pebble Creek Properties, LLC; $266,000

3213 Trailwood Court: Lauren and Clarence Gay to Matt Depompei; $230,000

730 Hurstbourne Lane: Nancy Clevenger to Jennifer and Andrew Grillet; $635,000


1220 Leslie Marie St.: Amy and Chris Osbourne to Jennifer and Kyle McCurdy; $199,000


125 Barren River Drive, unit 8: Kenneth Daniels to Makiko Saaski and james McManus; $40,000

208 Forest Ave.: Lindsey Emmons to Ian Takaoka; $238,000

3231 Rainbow Terrace: Carolyn Sayer and Jerel Bramel and Susan and Jene Bramel to Katia Catron and Jorge Mireles; $265,000

3393-3395 Misty Creek Drive: Darlene and John Lawless to Harmon Creek, LLC; $235,000

3916 Brunswick Court: Elizabeth and Brian Hanson to Amanda Fabry and Matthew Wieklinski; $445,000

99 Delphi Drive: Peter Lussi to Fath Ndiaye and Cheikh Seck; $242,500


1349 Retriever Way, unit 2-A: The Drees Company to Kimberly Reese; $295,500

1396 Taramore Drive, unit 16-204: Wanda Effinger and Amanda and Calvin Jones to Irene Howald; $217,000

29 Rio Grande Circle, unit 12: Tammy and Dale Strain to Monica Mullins and Mark Walters; $139,500

388 Marian Drive, unit 8: The Binley Group, LLC to Kara and Edward Jump Jr.; $134,000

42 Bustetter Drive: Carol Napolitano and Vincenzo Napolitano to Kyle Sweeney; $240,000

63 Sanders Drive: Kendyco Kentucky Properties, LLC to Allison McCauley; $200,000

677 Stable Gate Lane: Travis Connely to Brunilda Lopez and Alexander Negron; $196,000

8390 Red Cedar Court: Hannah and Jacob Brett to Stephanie Trenkamp; $225,500

8578 Wintrhop Circle: Michele and Eric Troxel to Kayla Cox and Branden Cox; $296,000

Fort Mitchell

131 Burdsall Ave.: Kylene and Nicholas Depenbrock to Shelby and John Adikisson; $450,000

204 Highland Ave.: Craig Preston to Karin Geraci; $320,000

2215 Dominion Drive: James Thelen to Barbara Lehman; $270,000

37 Silver Ave.: Jeanne Wind to Chen Properties, LLC; $230,000

Fort Thomas

1 Trevilla Court: Kristin and Santiago Guerra IV to Lorna and Patrick Dobbling; $815,000

142 Tremont Ave.: Clear Sight Construction, LLC to Brittiny Schadler and John Motley; $667,000

17 Franklin Ave.: Susan and Raymond Bacher to Alexa Kehoe and Cason Wall; $230,000

216 Muulberry Court: Paul Holstein to Tanakorn Jiraphasukul and Pariyakorn Ratanasuban; $345,000

248 Sergeant Ave.: Emily Kreeger to Kelly and Joshua Herber; $245,000

25 Hartweg Ave.: Stephanie and Matthias Sieverding to Julianna and Daniel Hogan; $550,000

409 Keenland Drive: Kim Dube to Jeffrey Augsbach; $215,000

43 Sheridan Ave.: Elizabeth and Jason Hord to Ashley and Thomas Wrobleski; $116,000

49 Southview Ave.: Hamilton Ever After, LLC to Dean Tower; $265,000

504 Calumet Court: Molly Knight and Kelly Cowan to Christopher Gort; $205,000

9 Ohio Ave.: Michael Patrick to Barbara and Andrew Herald; $244,000

Fort Wright

1706 Cherokee Drive: Peggy Sogar to Gregory McGuire; $281,000

1713 Mount Vernon Drive: Betty Schadler and Carol Dickman to Chloe and William Seegmiller; $426,000

2223 Custer Lane: Tammy and Tony McClendon to Kelsey Wheeler and Kevin Duenas; $305,000

4528 Kidwel Lane: Clear Sight Construction, LLC to Paige Noday; $320,000


2070 Bridgette Lane: Bridgette Lane LLC to Timi and Joseph Aromola; $177,500

2416 Oakview Court: Melissa and Jason Mullins to Michael Patrick; $389,000

938 N. Bend Road: Janice Sanborn to Karrie and John Chajkowski; $425,000

Highland Heights

5050 Holtz Drive: Florine Flora to John Dietz; $240,000

611 Main Ave.: Maria and James Fox to Ashley Hicks and Jerry Riley Jr.; $200,000


11815 Taylor Mill Road: Melissa and Walter Gentry Jr. to Rebecca and Richard Price; $150,000

1189 Farnwood Drive: Arlinghaus Builders, LLC to Colleen and Michael Wolfe; $410,000

1359 Meadowcrest Circle: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Weraniyagoda Sirisena and Rakhita Appuhamillage; $400,000

1786 Autumn Maple Drive: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Mica and Jeffrey Essig; $353,500

2030 Aristocrat Boulevard: Jonathan Kissel to Kirsten and Kyle Miller; $370,000

5372 Cody Road: Karen and Steve Eminhizer to Rachel and David Hess Jr.; $317,500

716 Bear Court: April Hartung and Adam Smock to Shannon Becks; $299,500

731 Stephens Road: Janet Bliz to Monica and Joseph Mitchell; $436,000

866 Stablewatch Drive: Jason Wihlebrink to Gina Kearns and Michael Lind; $315,000


254 Latta St.: Thomas Shrage to Kimberly Ayer and Justin Jeffre; $525,000

301 Deverill St.: Karen Fugate to Kery and Arin Martin; $165,000

305 Oak St.: William Terlau to VIG, LLC; $53,500

314 Eastview Court, 25-102: Rivers Breeze 598, LLC to Holly Keenen and Michael Callinan; $225,500

438 Elm St.: Joseph Adams and Christopher Adams to Resource Realty Group, LLC; $175,000

Morning View

14265 Decoursey Pike: Michelle Nohl to James Carlisle; $240,000


1432 Waterworks Road: Trinity Garrett to Erica Ryder and Derek Shew; $205,000

237 E. 7th St.: Tobias Moeves to Elizabeth and Luke Shaffer; $456,500

317 W. 12th St.: JKV Alpha SFR II Borrower A, LLC to Manuel Deleon; $103,000

41 Summer Hill Ave.: Kimberly and Brian Miller to Julia and Aaron Lewis; $205,000

427 Thornton St.: 1st All American Properties, LLC to Rare Investments, LLC; $51,000

637 E. 3rd St.: Cassie Finley to Timothy Steffen; $425,000

756 E. 10th St.: Morgan Daniel to Emily and Barry Mersmann; $225,000

830 Overton St.: Mandy and Mark Piorkowski to Hangard at the Pegasus, LLC; $627,000


116 Harvard Palce: Tracy Hatter to Alexandra McIntosh; $200,000

316 Snowshoe Drive: Kamiljit and Rajbir Dhalwal to Jenna and Zachary Perry; $315,000

Taylor Mill

5340 Millstone Court, unit 8A: Jennifer Weber to Cheryl and Michael Lentz; $150,000


10258 Cardigan Drive: Carly and Joshua Jasper to Tammy and Gilbert Garrett; $310,000

10331 Easymoor Court: Chuc Phuc Le to Le Family Preservation Trust; $410,000

12870 Ryle Road: Vicky and Terry Peace to Kathleen Hoffman; $99,000

2166 Algiers St.: Ashley and John Baumgardner to Siu Yue Au and Jingbin Zhu; $340,000

3424 Brogue Place: Arlinghaus Builders, LLC to Sapphire Investment Partners, LLC; $390,500

7144 Desmond Lane: Arlinghaus Builders, LLC to Carly and Joshua Jasper; $410,500

9095 Chantilly Court: Lorrie and Jason Weiland to Melanie Ansara and Logan Franks; $435,000

9208 Brookridge Lane: Leigh and Bruce Yates to Joan Ritchie and Paul Potemra; $540,000

Villa Hills

1017 Walburg Ave.: The Drees Company to The Paulette V. Webster Amended and Restated Trust; $891,000

2652 Wesley Drive: Diane and Bobbie Rogers to Vicky Parks; $290,000

2746 White Pine Drive: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Maria Murphy and Jonathan Webster; $693,000

2834 Shellbark Circle: The Drees Company to Tameryn and Brian Birch; $747,000


110 S. Fork Drive: Sherri and Walter Pieschel III to Bethany and Aaron Hake; $385,000

11339 Sheffield Lane: Darlene and Thomas Poe to Eileen and Joseph Walter; $441,000

12152 Ambruzzi Drive: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Adrianna Flood and Jonathan Yeary; $352,000

12212 Mashburn Drive: American Homes 4 Rent Seven, LLC to Mamadou Bah and Hassnaatou Barry; $268,000


410 Lakeview Drive, unit 4: Chelsea and Bradley Luckett to Sarah and Parker Clifton; $160,000

470 Lakeview Drive, unit 9: Courtney Wheaton to Stephanie Ellis; $150,000

This article originally appeared on Cincinnati Enquirer: $1.4 million Mariemont home sale among the week's top property transfers