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10 Leading Female Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For In 2021

10 Leading Female Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For In 2021

Left to Right: Paula Tenorio, Andrea Samantha, Christine Daal, Kenya Gipson, Kathryn Thompson, Victoria Marcouillier, Laura Wallace, Danielle Doan, Crystal Grant & Kyeesha Clayborne, Kiane Young
Left to Right: Paula Tenorio, Andrea Samantha, Christine Daal, Kenya Gipson, Kathryn Thompson, Victoria Marcouillier, Laura Wallace, Danielle Doan, Crystal Grant & Kyeesha Clayborne, Kiane Young
Left to Right: Paula Tenorio, Andrea Samantha, Christine Daal, Kenya Gipson, Kathryn Thompson, Victoria Marcouillier, Laura Wallace, Danielle Doan, Crystal Grant & Kyeesha Clayborne, Kiane Young

LOS ANGELES, March 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Often the entrepreneurial stories and unconventional ideas have redefined the world of businesses. Great entrepreneurs have enthralled the whole world with their brave choices and endless innovations. Be it a simple problem-solving theory or an introduction of a revolutionary change, their influential personalities often started with a "light bulb moment" and have inspired many young minds to grow into this space. Extensively creating substantial impact in the business world, we have accumulated some influential female entrepreneurs that one can draw inspiration from. Their successful journey has dominated the conventional norms of the entrepreneurial world and continues to grow despite the odds of the industry. We would also like to thank Sunshy Digital Media Agency for their research and findings in formulating this article.

Paula Tenorio (@womanceomindset)
Paula Tenorio the founder of Woman CEO Mindset & Woman CEO Academy has an extraordinary range of experience and success in the social media marketing space. She is a serial entrepreneur that has quickly become an extremely sought after digital marketing strategist and social media expert that has coached over 300 women entrepreneurs from around the world. Paula is dedicated to coaching and empowering women. She helps women strategize, organically grow and monetize their business by attracting their ideal clients through social media. She inspires women to unapologetically be themselves, follow their dreams and reach their goals. Paula has grown Woman CEO Mindset’s Instagram community to 700K followers in only 24 months and continues to rapidly grow. She coaches women entrepreneurs on how to master social media by creating content that converts into daily sales.
To work with Paula follow @WomanCeoMindset on Instagram and visit their website.

Andrea Samantha (@_andreasamantha)
As a 32-year-old, divorced, single mom of 2 boys, being my own boss has completely changed my life. I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life as a hairstylist and wedding hair and makeup artist. But three years ago I decided to invest in a new company that is the leading natural hair care brand in the world. My life has been full of emotional traumas and I made the choice that those wouldn’t stop me. I have a team of thousands and we do almost 2 million a month in sales. I am now a top leader in network marketing and my company and I spend my days active on social media and growing in coaching my incredible team so that they can do what I do. I launched my Podcast “Outdream Your Devils” as an outlet for more coaching for my team and women who struggle with life crisis and juggling being an entrepreneur. 2021 is our year!
For more information visit:

Christine Daal (@fashionangelwarrior)
Christine Daal is one of the top fashion business consultants known for getting her clients results, even amidst a pandemic! With 15+ years of experience in the fashion industry and then starting her own line and selling out of the first retail store in less than 2 weeks, Christine’s mission is to help startups and established brands start and scale their businesses! She’s helped clients reach $1 Million in sales in year one, triple online sales in only 2 months, double website traffic conversions, grow from 2K to 24K Instagram followers in a year, get their line featured in Vogue Italia, NYFW, and worn by A list celebs, etc. It’s no wonder brands are lining up to be a part of her courses, manufacturing tours, and Fashion Startup Intensive. Christine is known for her ‘Whatever it Takes’ motto while being the angel in a “Devil Wears Prada” industry.
For more information visit:

Kenya Gipson (@coachkenya)
Kenya Gipson (Coach Kenya) has been a “business builder” and entrepreneur for over 15 years. As a Women and Minority Certified business owner of Gipson Power, a full-service home improvement contracting company, Kenya and her family believe that building a successful business begins with creating opportunities for others. She is the co-creator of Passage To Profit, a radio show that highlights inventors and entrepreneurs via her Power Move segment on iHeartRadio. Kenya is also one of the hosts of iHeartRadio’s Building Black Biz podcast that features successful CEO’s and Founders in an effort to provide resources and mentorship that builds up the black business community.

For the past 7 years Kenya has been coaching and leading her clients on a journey to health as a Certified Wellness and Mindset Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She believes that a balanced body starts with a healthy mind and spirit. Kenya uses the power of faith to teach and help others transform into the best version of themselves.
Connect with Kenya:

Kathryn Thompson (@creativelyowned)
Kathryn Thompson is a Canadian-based entrepreneur who inspires people to use their stories as a way to create change in the world. She's an award-winning marketing and communications expert with more than 15 years of experience. After growing one of her businesses to close to a million dollars in sales in less than four years, she sold it with a single email. Kathryn is now the founder of Creatively Owned a marketing and communications firm that helps entrepreneurs use the power of words to create instant appeal for what they are selling. She works with her clients through 1:1 consulting packages and group mentorship programs. Kathryn's a creative rule breaker that's constantly challenging the status quo in an effort to empower others to do the same. So you'll never find her trying to cram you into those cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all marketing strategies. In fact, she's dying for you to bust out of them.
For more information visit:

Victoria Marcouillier (@brandwelldesigns)
Victoria Marcouillier is a podcaster, website designer, and the founder and CEO of BrandWell Designs. BrandWell is giving female entrepreneurs all over the globe a powerful voice through stunning branding and captivating website design. From freelancer to CEO, Victoria’s story resonates with so many aspiring entrepreneurs trying to make it in a saturated market.

At just 28-years-old, Victoria and her team at BrandWell are pioneering the creative website design space, equipping female business owners with everything they need to start, grow, and scale their businesses.

As the host of the “The BrandWell Podcast”, Victoria interviews fellow entrepreneurs on how they started their business to inspire others that nothing is out of reach.
For more information visit:

Laura Wallace (@thatlauraaura)
LauraAura is a Branding and Mindset Coach for driven female entrepreneurs who are ready to take their Powerback™ and expand their business. As an award-winning branding expert for nearly two decades, Laura has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to brand their business and truly step into their calling.

Laura is the CEO of Worx & Co, an urban branding studio, the Host(ess) of The Gutsy Podcast, speaker, author, and all-around visionary.

The Gutsy Podcast has been downloaded over 27k times and is designed to empower women in business while humanizing the realness that happens behind the scenes.

She’ll be the first person to push you out of your comfort zone and the last to hug you as you head to the next level of your life. Her energy is contagious – an Aura – and if you’re up for the challenge, she just might trick you into believing in yourself.
For more information visit:

Danielle Doan (@danielledoan_)
Danielle Doan is a young entrepreneur and founder of Paradise Artistry, which is becoming one of the leading brands in the beauty industry for eyelash extensions.

Danielle was an aspiring lawyer, spending six years studying before making a transition into the business industry. She is known for her passion in self-development and high-performance growth. In a short period of time, she has built a business to inspire others. She is a firm believer in the power of helping other women gain confidence through empowerment and law of attraction. As an educator, Danielle’s goal is to ensure that her students gain knowledge and understand what entrepreneurship is about.

She is dedicated to scaling to be one of the top high-level business entrepreneurs. Currently, she is working on a project that will serve more people on a wider spectrum in another sector.
Reach out to Danielle Doan here:

Crystal Grant & Kyeesha Clayborne (@superscriptwellness)
“We created SuperScript Wellness to help customers prioritize self-care. We desire to bring education and excitement to the wellness sector. We are passionate about helping others by using our experience, knowledge, and resources.”

Crystal Grant, MSN
Crystal is an advanced practice registered nurse with 19 years of healthcare experience. In 2013, Crystal graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing and started her career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). As a founder of SuperScript Wellness, Crystal is enthusiastic about using her science background to help you heal from the inside out.

Kyeesha Clayborne, Masters Level Clinician
Kyeesha is a mental health clinician with over 10 years of experience. In 2002, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and, in 2007, graduated with a Master of Arts in Counseling. As a founder of SuperScript Wellness, Kyeesha values transparency and is eager to share her healing journey.
For more information visit:

Kiane Young (@TranquilConversations)
Kiane Young is a certified Life Coach, founder and CEO of Tranquil Conversations LLC. (Virtual business). Thriving in her coaching, she has built a reputation as a professional life and beauty consultant. Kiane has established her goal to navigate clients towards a purposeful life, financial freedom and tranquil moments while encouraging healing practices of self-love and meditation. Kiane offers a series of coaching sessions to inspire teen entrepreneurs and young business enthusiasts to leverage their wisdom and fresh ideas. Inspired by her challenging past of observing her mom’s 25yr recovery from drug and alcohol addiction at an early age, Kiane exhibits an optimistic and lively approach while working with her clients. Her candid stories of past and life-changing experiences have successfully managed to inspire numerous out there. She has also mastered cosmetology and successfully anchored her versatility and passion for motivating individuals, which makes her one of the trustworthy coaches of the industry. When she is not working, she is often found celebrating her interests in writing and spending time with her children. Rising above the odds, Kiane has made choices beyond conventional borders and has managed to build substantial success in all these years.
Book appointment/Website Link:

While the prominence and creativity of these female entrepreneurs have been impressing the world, their presence has substantially inspired numerous young hustlers. If someone is looking for motivation and positivity, they can certainly draw immense inspiration from their unconventional approaches and journey.

Company: Sunshy Digital Media Agency

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