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21 Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings That Will Never Go Out Of Style

These engagementringsmay be vintage-inspired, but there’s certainly nothing outdated about them. 

Below, we’ve gathered 21 gems that are timelessly beautiful. 

Buy it from Trabert Goldsmiths for $11,500.
Buy it from Melanie Casey Jewelry for $3,200.
Buy it from Artemer Jewelry Design for $1,300.
Buy it from TheNorthWayStudio on Etsy for $1,200.
Buy it from Ken & Dana Design for $2,200.
Buy it from PenelliBelle on Etsy for $1,379.
Buy it from Trumpet and Horn for $7,850.
Buy it from SillyShinyDiamonds on Etsy for $1,485.
Buy it from Ken & Dana Design for $2,250.
Buy it from MelanieCaseyJewelry on Etsy for $3,600.
Buy it from TheNorthWayStudio on Etsy for $700.
Buy it from Trabert Goldsmiths/Single Stone for $11,000.
Buy it from PenelliBelle on Etsy for $2,299.
Buy it from Artemer Jewelry Design for $3,200.
Buy it from Trumpet and Horn for $2,250.
Buy it from LaMoreDesign on Etsy for $3,433+.
Buy it from LaMoreDesign on Etsy for $898+.
Buy it from Single Stone for $8,500.
Buy it from Ken & Dana Design for $4,500.
Buy it from Heidi Gibson for $2,100.
Buy it from Artemer Jewelry Design for $1,080.


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