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3 Magnificent Mutual Funds to Maximize Your Retirement Portfolio - December 30, 2019

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The funds in our "Magnificent Retirement Mutual Funds" list are some of the top-performing, best managed funds available. If you're already invested in them, congratulations! If you're not, don't worry - it's never too late to start getting the advantages of these outstanding funds for your retirement.

The easiest way to judge a mutual fund's quality over time is by analyzing its performance, diversification, and fees. Using our Zacks Rank of over 19,000 mutual funds, we've identified three outstanding mutual funds that are ideally suited to help long-term investors pursue and achieve their retirement investing goals.

Let's learn about some of Zacks' highest ranked mutual funds with low fees you may want to consider.

Hartford Mid Cap Fund HLS IA (HIMCX): 0.7% expense ratio and 0.66% management fee. HIMCX is a Mid Cap Blend mutual fund, and usually features a portfolio with stocks of various styles and sizes, allowing for diversification within a strategy that focuses on mid cap companies. HIMCX has achieved five-year annual returns of an astounding 11.37%.

Victory Sycamore Established Value R (GETGX). Expense ratio: 1.14%. Management fee: 0.45%. GETGX is a Mid Cap Value mutual funds that aims to target medium-sized companies that possess strong value and income opportunities for investors. This fund has managed to produce a robust 10.3% over the last five years.

AB Small Cap Growth Adviser (QUAYX) is an attractive large-cap allocation. QUAYX is a Small Cap Growth mutual fund building their portfolio around stocks with market caps under $2 billion and large growth opportunities. QUAYX has an expense ratio of 0.91%, management fee of 0.75%, and annual returns of 12.04% over the past five years.

These examples highlight the fact that there are some astonishingly good mutual funds out there. If your advisor has you in the good ones, bravo! If not, you may need to have a talk.

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