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ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 19, 2021 / Avid gamers are always trying to take their skills to the next level, and sometimes, that means having a good group of people with which to play. This is particularly important in games like World of Warcraft, which is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game, where there are thousands of players from around the globe roaming inside. Given this, it's natural that these players form groups among themselves. These groups, or guilds, are created when players with common agendas come together. Joining a guild can be difficult because there are so many options to choose from and finding the perfect one can be daunting. However, this is a process worth getting right the first time as it saves you from spending too much time looking for a group and allows you to spend more time playing in a group.

"A dedicated gamer should join a guild because it's the social interface of gaming platforms like World of Warcraft, meaning it's the social melting pot for people who are searching for a group that will aid them in achieving their gaming goals," stated Adam Knych, also known as FinalBossTV, "These groups become very competitive and it pushes you as a player, creating a dedicated mindset to defeat the highest difficulty in the game."

If you've decided that joining a guild is best for your game-playing experience, you can make the best choice if you put in the time and do your homework. In the modern age of gaming, guilds are teams of players who share similar quests, goals, and play styles - and they're an awesome way to make friends. Guildmates are the folks who can lend advice and directions when you ask, and even become longtime friends who continue to help you succeed and strengthen your skills online.

How and why should a World of Warcraft player join a guild? Here are FinalBossTV's, thoughts and tips for gamers:

Ask yourself: how much time do I play?

Think about how much time you can really spend playing the game. When will you raid? Can you even play in the first place because of other commitments, like studying for an exam or holding down your day job? Consider this before joining a guild or committing to guild events. If you are not able to attend guild events, make sure you communicate with the guild in advance so that your fellow players are not left covering for your absence.

What are you looking for?

"If you're looking for a way to meet new people in the gaming circle, joining a guild should be step number one," said FinalBossTV, "The people within the group will help hold you accountable, so before you join make sure that this is the right gaming space for you."

Do you want to raid, farm old content, or run old raids? There are many guilds and communities offering various styles of gaming - just be sure to choose the right one for you when shopping for a community.

Check the forums

The Guild Recruitment Forum draws players and guilds from all over World of Warcraft. If you have time, read through the pages and pages of recruitment posts - but if you don't, go straight to your realm forum. You'll see in an instant which guilds are recruiting. A good guild advertisement post tells you what kind of guild they are, what they do, and what they're looking for in new players.

Check the Guild Finder

The Guild Finder is a new system for recruiting the perfect guild. This massively useful tool allows guildless players to answer a few quick questions and find just the right guild for them, which is far easier and faster than going through random recruitment messages or spending hours on a website comparing guilds. After clicking a few boxes in the Guild Finder, you can narrow your search results down to guilds that match your criteria. However, you should continue your research to make sure you're joining the right guild. A casual guild and a more serious one may say that they both raid, but their experiences will be completely different.

Look up guilds on the Armory

The Armory is a searchable database of information for World of Warcraft, and because the Armory pulls its data straight from the actual game servers, it offers the most comprehensive database on WoW characters, arena teams, and guilds in existence. This is a great place to check out guild accomplishments and browse the news to see what's happening and the latest developments. From there you can see which guild defines your playing style the best, and If you're open-minded, don't shy away from brand new guilds!


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