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From Advertisement To Hotels: What Makes Thomas Wos Stand Out

LUZERN, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / February 5, 2020 / Thomas Wos is an online marketer, investor, and advertiser who has made a name for himself in the world of advertising, especially in German-speaking countries. He has proved himself to be a man that dons many hats: talent-wise! His work speaks for himself, and Thomas has shown that he is a great advertiser, investor, negotiator, and a fantastic consultant.

The Early Life of Thomas Wos

Thomas Wos, born in 1986 in Germany, has always proved to be competitive in whatever he did, be it extracurricular activity or academics. Since he was a child, Thomas has shown that he had the inner-drive to ace whatever he set his mind at. This very competitive nature has made Thomas what he is today, and he might very well become the next Warren Buffet the modern world has seen.

Thomas Wos spent his initial years in Germany. He, later on, moved to Switzerland, where he has established his footprints in various industries. Thomas stepped into the world of marketing at an early age. He was always a fast learner and a people's person. These very abilities helped him launch his advertisement agency at a young age. His company soon was in demand, and he hired more employees to cope up with the increasing demand for his marketing services that helped several companies make good profits.

Thomas Wos is married to Jennifer and resides in Switzerland. Jennifer is the CEO and founding partner of WOS Swiss Investments AG. The couple has a second home in Dubai.

What Makes Thomas Wos Stand Out As An Advertiser

Thomas Wos is well-known as an expert author, experienced consultancy, and expertise investment. Thomas Wos is now expanding globally at a good pace. Currently, he is providing marketing consultancy services to companies that are established in Switzerland, Austria, Dubai, and Germany. Wos now also has offices in Budapest, Tel Aviv, Malta, and Vienna.

Thomas Wos uses a fundamental technique to enhance online traffic for his clients, which is the fact that more site traffic can improve your Return on Investment, i.e., ROI. He has gradually created a niche for himself in the world of digital marketing and advertising by providing professional marketing services, digital marketing techniques, internet marketing plan, and radiant SEO services.

What worked very well for him was Thomas Wos as an investor always knew why the company he was investing in was worth the investment. He is also famous for leading unlimited-emails.com to get the funding of 20 Million Euros, which was then negotiated and increased to 30 Million Euros. Unlimited-emails.com is a company that provides email services to other companies to send quick and quality emails, which allows the company operations to run smooth and efficient. This is the company that he had initially funded.

Thomas Wos is A Philanthropic

Thomas Wos is actively involved with donations and charity. He regularly donates to various causes, especially the ones that pertain to the environment like pollution and global-warming causes. He has helped to build multiple schools in West Africa. His purpose of doing this is to decrease the illiteracy rate and see that the underprivileged children get a quality education.

Thomas Wos personally manages every single CSR project so that care can be taken that no infringement is done to the environment.

The Next Big Global Hotel Chain: "The Wos"

Currently, Thomas focuses on the construction of his hotel "The Wos," which he plans to develop into a global hotel chain. The Wos will have three divisions:

  • The Wos Hotels And Spa

  • The Wos Luxury Residences (Villas)

  • The Wos Apartments

Thomas Wos plans to locate the hotel in all the major cities all over the world, especially Dubai. Currently, The Wos Luxury Residences and The Wos Apartments are operational in Dubai, Germany, and Switzerland.

Thomas Wos

SOURCE: Thomas Wos

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