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Alex Rodriguez to test business skills as guest judge on 'Shark Tank'

Alex Rodriguez’s work with “A-Rod Corp” makes him an expert on business. (AP)

Alex Rodriguez can hack it in the big leagues, but what about the boardroom? The former New York Yankees designated hitter put up exceptional numbers on the field during his playing career, and has apparently had similar success running “A-Rod Corp” since his retirement.

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Now, his business acumen will be put to the test. Rodriguez is set to join ABC’s “Shark Tank” as a guest judge in the fall, according to People.

Rodriguez seemed excited about the opportunity.

Doing television is nothing new for Rodriguez. Since retiring he has shown off his analyst skills on Fox Sports, guest-hosted “Live with Kelly” and will host a pilot on CNBC helping ex-athletes manage their money. A-Rod likes the camera, turns out. Imagine that.

Between this and his CNBC pilot, Rodriguez will now have two television appearances focusing on his business knowledge. And while we have no doubt “A-Rod Corp” is a fine-tuned machine, we still have some questions about the company. Mainly, what does it do? And, more important, what’s A-Rod like as a boss?

That first question is “answered” on the A-Rod Corp website. There, it is described as “a private holding company with businesses in the U.S. and Latin America.” Do we know what that means? Nope. Will we get any clarity on “Shark Tank?” Probably not.

But we may get an answer to that second question. As a guest judge, Rodriguez will have to give his opinion on the wild, and sometimes savvy, ideas presented by contestants on the program. Is he going to revert to baseball-related puns, or will he start breaking down profit margins with ruthless efficiency?

Given what we’ve seen from Rodriguez as a baseball analyst, we’ll lean toward the latter. In that role, Rodriguez comes off as smart, well-prepared and studious. Based on his post-retirement choices, it seems he wants to show off his business side a bit more. If he comes to the table with the same work ethic, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him spout off some impressive knowledge.

At best, he comes off as an intelligent investor, and maybe sets himself up for another promising post-career role. At worst, well, he’d have to bomb spectacularly to top his awkward joint interview with Derek Jeter.

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