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The Best Jobs of 2014 Preview: Health Care and Technology Jobs

The new year brings refreshed hope to become our best selves. Some intend to do that by trying a new diet. Others will try relocating to a new city. And an increasing number of people hope to improve their life with a new job. In fact, a recent CareerBuilder and Harris Interactive survey found 21 percent of full-time employees hope to change jobs in 2014, up from 17 percent of job-changers in 2013.

Whether you're one of the dissatisfied professionals looking to make a switch or if you're one of the 10.4 million unemployed people as of December who have been hunting for awhile, we're hoping to help. U.S. News compiles an annual list of top occupations based on the Labor Department's predictions on hiring demand. We also rank our selections, based on employment rate, salary, job opportunity and job satisfaction. Here's a sneak peek of the 2014 Best Jobs within the health care and technology sectors.

The top 10 health care jobs are listed below alphabetically. This year, nearly 40 percent of our Best Jobs are from this sector specifically:

--Dental Hygienist


--Nurse Practitioner

--Occupational Therapist



--Physical Therapist


--Physician Assistant

--Registered Nurse

The Labor Department remains bullish on the technology industry, and so do we. Our top 10 tech jobs, listed here alphabetically, are all growing steadily between now and 2022:

--Civil Engineer

--Computer Programmer

--Computer Systems Administrator

--Computer Systems Analyst

--Database Administrator

--Mechanical Engineer

--Information Security Analyst

--IT Manager

--Software Developer

--Web Developer

The complete list of the 100 Best Jobs from industries such as business, creative, construction, health care, social services and technology will be available on usnews.com/careers on Jan. 23.

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