Blaux Portable AC: Blaux Mini Personal Air Conditioner Review

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Homewood, Illinois--(Newsfile Corp. - July 9, 2020) - Blaux Portable AC, billed as the world's most powerful mini desktop portable air conditioner for personal cooling, cleansing and clearing of hot, stuffy humidity in an energy efficient manner, has just slashed its price to a special summertime savings of only $89 per personal air con unit.

Blaux Portable AC

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For those new to the Blaux AC phenomena, weeks ago just as the summer spring-boarded into hot and humid season full of extreme temperature spikes and often unbearable, inescapable heatwaves, Blaux came to the rescue in the form of not one, but two different personal air conditioning units. The leader of the legendary Blaux AC family is of course the Blaux Portable AC, the star of the show and primary focus in the following review, is actually accompanied by a best-in-class, category creating wearable air conditioner, the Blaux Wearable AC+.

By now, most consumers are well-aware that the Blaux Portable AC is a cooler that fits on any desk or bookshelf to circulate cool airflow throughout a small space, taking only about 30 seconds to provide the user with relief and said to take only a little over a handful of minutes to start lowering the room temperature. Though there are many coolers on the market today, this portable Blaux AC device is small enough to be compact as its size dimensions are no bigger than a car battery, making it is easy to carry from one place to the next with an added easy to hold handle on a personal AC unit that weighs 2.2 without water in it.

No matter if individuals reside anywhere from San Francisco, to Chicago, to New York, down the coast to Miami, looping back through Texas and back up to Southern California, or anywhere in the bread basket MidWest of the US of A, the Blaux Portable AC has been in the summer's shining spotlight as a viable option to beat the daunting heat by truly personalizing air conditions via for customized air-control temperature settings. Even consumers from Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and many other hot spots from around the world are extremely intrigued by the flashy flare and fancy features the Blaux Portable AC offers individuals this summer amid a hot and humid climate this 2020 season.

What is Blaux Portable AC?

Finding the right portable cooler can be a difficult task, especially considering the many scams that are in the market today. Every single company seems to claim the same portability, same noise level, and more, but customers are starting to weigh in on what works and what doesn't. No new brand is safe, and same can be said of Blaux with its Portable AC.

While there haven't be direct claims against this cooler, the Blaux Portable AC brings many positive benefits to the public, starting first with its ability to promote a better environment. Along with its obvious role as a cooler, the AC also creates purer air as it runs and creates cool humidity in the room. To make sure that the user can keep their body relaxed and comfortable anywhere, it only weighs about 2.2 pounds and is rather small (less than a foot tall, comparable the size of a car battery), offering seven different mood lighting colors to work with any room.

To keep this device running, the user will need to connect with either a standard electrical outlet or a USB port, even though the Blaux Portable AC is good for indoor or outdoor use. Using thermal electric cooling plates, the device is able to create a refreshing ambiance with the Peltier effect, rather than using chemicals that can be harmful to breathe in. Still, the unit will automatically shut off if it doesn't sense any activity for about two minutes, helping to preserve usage and electrical output.

How Blaux AC Works for Personal Portability

As stated earlier, the Blaux portable AC is a battery-operated AC with similar size of an android device. Yes, that's how portable the AC is. Also, it can be charged using a USB charger just like a smartphone. When it's fully charged, the AC can last for up to one day before a recharge is needed.

This enables the user to make use of the device even in places where there is no or limited power supply. Those who are clamoring for a green environment would love this wonderful piece of innovation because it is manufactured based on a renewable source of energy.

It works by making use of what is known as "thermoelectric cooling technology". The technology produces very powerful cooling effects. It comes with a two-sided plate, with one side of the plate transferring heat energy to the other side when the portable AC is connected to a DC circuit.

While one side of the plate stays cooler, the other side is always submerged in a heat sink to keep it within room temperature.

When the air from the fan enters the vent, the result is a cooling refreshing air as it gets cooled by the effect.

Another important working technology is the filter system that works to eliminate pollutants, kill bacteria, and give users clean refreshing air. This is basically how the Blaux portable AC works.

The Blaux portable AC is not an ordinary portable air conditioner. That's because, as stated earlier, it is battery powered and can be recharged in different ways using USB. It makes it easier to use than the traditional portable AC. Before jumping into the "science" behind the inner workings of how these portable air conditioners work from the trademarked Blaux brand, here is a list of all the available advanced attributes the Blaux Portable air conditioner brings to the market this summer.

Features of Blaux Portable AC

There are different features of the Blaux portable AC that makes it stand out among other similar devices. These features include;

Portability: This is one of the most important features of the Blaux portable ac and part of the reason why it's highly demanded by users. It is very portable. Just the way people carry their smartphones around, the ac can also be carried with ease as well. This makes it ideal for travelers who are always on the go and those who can't afford to buy a heavier and pricier ac that can extend cooling in all rooms.

The user can carry the Blaux Portable Air Con to whatever side of the home they want to stay.

As a result of the portability, it can be used in the kitchen, living room, working place, office, or anywhere they desire.

Air filter technology: As stated earlier, the Blaux portable ac comes with a purifying and filter technology that enables users to enjoy clean air whenever they want to use it. The technology effectively filters the air they breathe to make sure they breathe clean air without any germs.

As a result, allergens, pollutants, and dust particles that are particularly dangerous to health will be properly taken care of.

3-Speed fan: Users can also use the three fan speed setting to adjust the cooling performance the way they want. The fans offer the opportunity for controlling the speed of the airflow to reduce the power consumption, especially when cooling is not needed during cold weather.

Multipurpose function: Although the main job of the Blaux portable AC is to keep the room cool through its cooling technology, there is also an option to heat the room. The function is possible because of the thermoelectric effect of the device.

Good running time: Unlike other portable ACs, the Blax AC comes with a strong battery that gives a quality cooling time of 24 hours. That means users can enjoy the system for a full day when they charge the battery completely. Some other portable ACs may not give as much as 15 hours not minding 24 hours.

Charging indicator: This may not be a very important feature, but it adds to the overall benefits in terms of functionality and ease-of-use. It comes with a LED indicator at the surface to show notification about the charging status. There is a different indication for full charge status and low battery status, allowing the user to manage the device very well.

Noiseless Technology: Another outstanding feature of the Blaux Portable AC is the super quiet, nearly noiseless technology. Despite the presence of the high powered fans, the device still stays relatively noiseless even when setting the fans to the highest cooling level. The AC doesn't make a noise that's louder than 40 decibels, which means it will not disturb the user while they are resting or sleeping.

Rechargeable Battery: As mentioned earlier, the rechargeable battery is probably the most distinct feature of this gadget. It comes with a 200mAh lithium battery which can be charged through DC5V or USB-C. It makes things a lot easier for users looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to enjoy the cool air.

Refillable Water Tank: To work properly, the Blaux portable AC needs a water tank. For that reason, the gadget has a 300ml water tank to make sure the cooling action continuous non-stop. It's also possible and easy to refill the tank when it gets depleted or low.

The Blaux Portable AC review would not be complete with a deep-dive into the science of using energy-efficient, rechargeable, cordless portable air conditioners. There are two big plays happening that make the Blaux AC one of the best portable air conditioners in 2020.

Blaux Portable AC Science: Peltier Effect and Thermoelectric Cooling

Portable air conditioners (AC) have recently become the most sought for devices, as they provide similar cooling effects to that of conventional air conditioners but at a much lower cost, with very little energy consumed and consequently, has the potential to reduce the electricity bills.

Although these are just a small fraction of the perks of choosing a portable AC, the main focus of this piece is to unleash its overall function. This is the moment where one will finally have answers to questions like "how is a portable AC able to offer cooling effects without consuming so much energy?" or "what is allowing something so small to deliver at peak levels?". Before getting right to the chase, it is important for individuals to familiarize themselves with portable air conditioners and how they have been advertised, including with the world's most popular portable air conditioner, the Blaux Portable AC unit:

What is a portable AC?

Most of the common portable air cons that have been attracting consumer attention are personal units/air coolers. These usually come in a cube-like form large enough to fit on a night-stand table and serve booth cooling and humidifying needs. Their design gets much of the praise because portable air conditioners are considered rechargeable, compact and portable.

What do advertisements suggest about a portable AC's function?

Portable ACs include a water tank that consumers need to fill. Then it is a matter of charging the device and turning it on. Usually, such portable ACs are expected to last up to 8 hours until one needs to refill the tank. Obviously, with such a straightforward device comes extreme curiosity as to how it delivers the proclaimed results and much of this has to do with the science behind portable air con units.

What is the science behind a portable AC?

The science behind a portable AC rests in the inclusion of thermoelectric coolers, which are created based on the Peltier effect. So, in this case, consumers aren't fully aware that the simplicity of portable ACs has a lot to with its thermoelectric coolers and not just water tanks. On that note, let's dive right into the Peltier effect.

Understanding the Peltier Effect

The Peltier effect is one where a temperature difference is introduced by transferring heat between two electrical junctions. This requires DC voltage and direct current flow. When DC voltage is applied across two different types of conductors, electric current enters the picture by flowing through the junctions. As a result, heat is accumulated onto one of the two junctions while the other induces cooling.

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How Thermoelectric Coolers Work

The aforementioned heat- vs cool-accumulated junctions are stored within what's known as thermoelectric coolers (TEC). Each of these coolers are said to house alternating n- and p- type semiconductors. The reason why two different types are needed here is because complementary Peltier coefficients are crucial to separate heat from cooling.

So, on one side of these plates, heat is captured from the environment while the other side experiences a decrease in temperature, or what many refer to as the cold side. When a portable AC is running, it is the cool side of thermoelectric coolers that works, while the heated side gradually gets dissipated.

This notion of TEC is commonly referred to as a "solid-state cooling" because all it takes to transfer energy is some form of solid metal. In most cases, solutions including bismuth telluride and selenide and antimony telluride are preferred solid materials for an effective Peltier device. As for the heat absorption aspect of the Peltier effect, the following equation is essential:

Q = PIt

Here, Q stands for the Peltier heat absorption, "P" is the Peltier coefficient, "I" is current that passes through the conductors and "t" is time. On average, a thermoelectric cooler is capable of creating a maximum temperature difference of approximately 50 to 70 degrees Celsius. That said, the maximum heat that a Peltier element can move is about 200 degrees Celsius.

What are the benefits of including thermoelectric coolers?

Peltier or thermoelectric coolers like the Blaux Portable AC are generally preferred because of their ability to excel within small spaces. So, should one require cooling for personal use or smaller areas, a portable air conditioner can come in handy. Though thermoelectric coolers are fancied for their ability to create temperature differences, they are as useful in temperature control and is the most prized selling point of the personal portable Blaux AC unit.

Then comes their environmental and human-friendly nature, as they include neither chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) nor hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). This is especially important because the latter two have been linked to harmful environmental effects and short-term health concerns respectively.

Other incentives to using devices with thermoelectric coolers (i.e. portable ACs) include:

Low maintenance: Most portable ACs are easy to take apart and only require periodic filter cleaning and drying

Longer lifespan: Given that filters usually last long enough, portable ACs with thermoelectric coolers are expected to last much longer than conventional air conditioners

Cost effective: Evidently, they are cost effective because of their simple design, size and low energy consumption

Lightweight: Devices with thermoelectric coolers do not need extra materials such as compressors, coils, etc., which typically add to an air conditioner's weight

Noise free: Because thermoelectric coolers' internal parts do not move much, portable ACs make very little noise

Getting a Blaux Portable AC for 50% Off

The Blaux AC product line up consists of three different products; one being the Blaux Portable AC, then the Blaux Wearable AC+ and the Blaux Personal Fan. The research regarding the personal portable Blaux AC units seems to point to a compact, yet complete air cooler that uses technology to transform heat into a cool breeze.

Considering that the summer heat is already settling in and that the company wants to create a successful launch, the official website is currently offering the Blaux Portable AC at a 50% discount. For one cooler, the customer is looking at $89.99, but they can get a bigger discount by ordering multiple units at once.

Choose from:

  • Two Blaux Portable ACs at $179.98

  • Three Blaux Portable ACs at $202.48

  • Four Blaux Portable ACs at $247.47

The shipping will be determined by how many of the coolers are purchased at once.

Final Verdict on Blaux Personal Portable Air Conditioners

Blaux Portable AC is the hottest product of the Blaux AC lineup this summer with its advanced personal air conditioning benefits, starting with ultra portability and energy-efficient air cooling technology with industry-leading mini desktop unit features.

The Blaux Portable AC is lightweight and small enough for a child to carry from one place to the next. Consumers will only have to worry about its power usage when it is manually activated, as it doesn't include a motion sensor.

Previously, air conditioners always required high electricity consumption with suboptimal noise output. Fast forward to today, and those who want to reduce their electricity bills and still enjoy efficiently chilled airflow from a name-brand portable AC unit should strongly consider ordering the Blaux Portable AC. It's a solution that will help solve overheating problems without breaking the bank or cooling a whole house when needed direct and immediate support against mother nature's relentless ways during peak seasonal moments.

Ultimately, if consumers are on a mission to cool small areas (or themselves) and want to maintain temperature levels indoors, portable ACs are worth considering thanks to thermoelectric air cooling technology. These premium air conditioning coolers are the very reasons why society has been eyeing the Blaux Portable AC, the most popular personal air con in the world today. Hence, for those who think that portable ACs are simple to use, it is all because of the science behind it, which is extraordinary and makes for a simple, plug in play way to get direct attention via the form of a multi-directional adjustable louver airflow. By reintroducing the 'Peltier effect' into our daily lives via the best portable air conditioner, everyone is now questioning what they've been told regarding conventional air conditioners in the past.

In closing, saving the best news for last about the Blaux Portable AC - is the latest shipping updates courtesy of the official website, where consumers can buy a Blaux Portable AC (or Blaux Wearable AC+ and Blaux Personal Fan) for a limited-time discount of 50% off while introductory prices last and supplies stay in stock. Better yet, there is more - which is great for those seeing the newest Blaux Portable AC shipping update to where the portable Blaux AC pre-order status has nearly been lifted as all personal air conditioning units will begin shipping throughout the rest of July and into August to catch up on previous demand.

Act now and secure a customizable chance to fight against the summer's enjoyable yet fiercely hot weather with any of the Blaux air conditioners, starting with the Blaux Portable AC today.

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