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Bond Futures: Trade 30-year Bonds above 150.14

Jack Broz

Comments adjusted on 12.4.12:
• US 30-Year Bond: Trade above 150.14 targets 150.24. Let's view 149.24 as "last support," as trade below there can pressure all 3 pivotals.
• US 10-Year Treasury Note: The market NEEDS to get away from this pivot; the bulls need to maintain control of 133.26; the bears need 133.09 (to target 132.135).
• US 5-Year Treasury Note: Trade below 124.13_2 targets 124.03. The pivot IS important -- but I want to see the bulls do something with 124.295 before getting too interested in the upside.
• S&P500 Stock Index: The pivot remains the key; weakness will take a look at 1392.25. Trade above 22.30 targets 34.50.