U.S. Markets close in 3 hrs 16 mins

Bond traders need to keep respecting an SP move to 1535.25.


Adjusted on:  1/22 Comments:  US 30-Year Bond: I still think the SP will be important for direction; the bulls need to take out 147.16; the bears do better below 145.00. US 10-Year Treasury Note: The bears do better below 131.235. The bulls do BEST above 132.225. US 5-Year Treasury Note: Weakness seeks 124.00 and 123.24. There is resistance at 124.18 but trade above there goes after 124.245 (and higher). S&P500 Stock Index: Even if the bulls do not hold 72.75 it’s likely I’ll stay bullish until the bears take out 65.25. Note the upside target.