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Broz on Bonds: 148.17-13 is Key for 30-Year

Jack Broz

Comments adjusted on 12/11: • US 30-Year Bond: On the FOMC, see where trade ends up relative to 148.17-13 -- that area is THE key. If everything (auction, etc.) is a non-event, I'm still not interested in the upside until the bulls take out 150.31. • US 10-Year Treasury Note: We WILL get direction off this pivot -- but note that WEAKNESS targets 132.15. A bounce/hold by the bulls of the pivot IS bullish -- and the bulls get more strength above 134.02. • US 5-Year Treasury Note: Pivot is still key -- and does lend resistance. Weakness thru 124.13 targets at least 124.03_7. If the bulls maintain control at 124.31, note the targets further up. • S&P500 Stock Index: I'm a little bullish -- but ahead of FOMC I want us buying NEW strength -- so I set a high pivot. Note the targets if we GET the strength. First weakness comes below 1403.25.