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How To Change Your Status, Away Message On Slack

Nina Godlewski
Slack added statuses to the messaging platform Thursday. Here's how to set one.

Feeliong nostalgic for the way AIM let you tell your friends you were doing homework, walking the dog or anything else that required you step away from the computer? Get ready for a blast from the past: Slack introduced statuses to the messaging platform Thursday.

Now if you’re going to be in a meeting or are stuck on the bus or train on the way to work, you can simply set a status to let your co-workers know.

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Slack has five preset statuses to choose from or you can personalize it by creating your own.

How to Set a Status on Slack:

On the web version of the platform simply go to your username in the upper left-hand corner and click it. Just below that you’ll see “set a status” with a side arrow that will bring you to the set status options or a text box to add your own status.

If you’re on mobile, tap the more icon that looks like three vertical dots, this will bring you to the page where you’ll see the “set a status” option.

Each status can be a maximum of 100 characters and you can add emojis. 

The status will appear next to your name in the direct messages menu so people will be able to see what you’re up to. The statuses can also integrate with apps that manage things like vacation time or meetings.

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