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From Childhood Scar to Skincare Stardom: Entrepreneur Transforms Pain into Profitable Success with BioFormula Select's Brand Stop Guessing Skincare

NEW YORK , July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Right now, in the United States, there are about 34.8 million kids aged 0 to 17 who are going through really painful times called adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). The scariest part is that a CDC ACE Study found that going through six or more ACEs can take away almost 20 years from a person's life. But their stories can have a different ending. There is hope for positive change and healing.

Fred Scarf, Founder of Stop Guessing
Fred Scarf, Founder of Stop Guessing

Fred Scarf, the founder and CEO of BioFormula Select, turned his childhood scar into a successful company selling dark spot removal products called Stop Guessing. This journey brought him remarkable results, profitable success, and personal closure.

"When I was born, I had a dark spot on my face mistaken for dirt, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It helped me handle life's challenges, discover my strengths, and make meaningful contributions to my community. If I was going to carry childhood scars into adulthood, I wanted to finally heal the wound," says Scarf. Scarf graduated as the salutatorian in high school, earned a scholarship to UC Berkeley, and worked as a model in California.

BioFormula Select's Stop Guessing Dark Spot Removal products achieved impressive customer results and brought significant profits in Q2. The company's revenue surged by 320% compared to the earnings in Q2 of the previous year.

"My dark spot dilemma is solved, and my childhood wound is healed," says Scarf.

The CDC estimates that 21 million depression cases and 1.9 million heart disease cases potentially could have been avoided by preventing ACEs. ACEs cause $748 billion economic burden annually in the US, Canada, & Bermuda.

"I can't change my past and tell my younger self that the dark spot won't always be so dark, but I can tell the 34 million kids facing trauma and the 114 million Americans dealing with skin issues that their stories can still have a beautiful ending. A tiny spark of light can illuminate the way forward out of our darkest moments. Right now, darkness can turn into light, and dark spots can be removed," says Scarf.

With heat making dark spots worse and cold weather creating hyperpigmentation, Stop Guessing Skincare is ready to solve dark spot dilemmas in the upcoming fall and winter.

CONTACT: Fred@skedtap.com


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