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Congressmen: Bitcoin “unstoppable,” Libra not that bad

Ben Munster
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    The government's 'concern' over Bitcoin is much ado about nothing. The TOTAL value of ALL cryptocurrencies is LESS than $5 Billion. That's lunch money for Jeff Bezos or George Soros or Warren Buffett.
    Facebook's Libra is NOT a cryptocurrency as it will be backed by a "basket of currencies". It remains to be seen which currencies and will they be a static mix. It will also [as has been stated] be controlled by Facebook - which should give those who don't trust Facebook pause. Those who do are fools.
  • p
    Sounds like a paid pump...Besides, everyone knows that physical Assets will rule in a digital world.
  • m
    finally a congressman who gets it. bitcoin is for the people by the people and will never be stopped.
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    Facebook made the appropriate payoffs to Democrat politicians, now Libra is not that bad.
  • N
    No comment except
    Bitcoin - the only way to use ransomware payments.
  • B
    he is right, those n government now will not be there tomorrow, thing called elections
  • M
    Pump and dump!!!!