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The debate is over, this is the worst first pitch of all-time

An appropriate reaction to the worst first pitch of all-time. (Screenshot via Eleven Sports TW on YouTube)

We live in a culture where hyperbole reigns supreme. Everything has to be either the best or the worst, with zero exceptions. Sometimes, that can be exhausting.

But you have to believe us when we tell you we’ve found the worst first pitch of all-time. This is likely a thing we’ve said before, but we were naive and foolish back then. No more. This is, definitively, the worst first pitch we’ve ever seen.

Skip to 2:30 if you’re impatient:

So … argument over, right? If you throw your first pitch to second base, you probably deserve the title of worst first pitch of all-time.

What you see above is a first pitch from an Asia Winter Baseball League game. The girl involved appears to be a student who may need to study baseball a little more.

We love everything about the video. Once she gets the ball, she briefly looks to the plate and you don’t expect anything unusual. Then, she quickly turns and throws the ball toward second base.

That brings us to the best part of the video: Complete and utter silence. The PA announcer doesn’t speak. The broadcasters don’t speak. Everyone is in awe at what just happened.

Finally, the people in the stands start laughing and it appears she realizes her mistake. The announcers finally seem to regain their voices, laughing initially. The players watching are also laughing.

The first-pitch thrower seems embarrassed, even covering her eyes with her hand while laughing as she leaves the mound. There’s a happy ending, though. As she walks off the field, she receives a smattering of applause from fans.

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of terrible first pitches. The common candidates for worst of all-time include 50 Cent, Mariah Carey and Carly Rae Jepsen. Each one of those is pretty awful, yet all of them were at least thrown in the right direction. You can debate 50 Cent’s, but he had the right idea.

This one was nowhere close. In our minds, that makes it the worst first pitch of all-time, and we can’t wait to see how someone tries to top it in the next couple years.

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