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Don Cherry has some thoughts on how you should dress, Team Sweden

(Screengrab via CBC)

As expected, Don Cherry had a few things to say in the aftermath of Team Canada’s victory over Sweden in Friday’s WJHC gold medal game.

The strong-minded Hockey Night in Canada analyst kicked off his Coach’s Corner segment on Saturday by simultaneously praising the Canadian junior team and blasting Team Sweden. However, rather than discuss the on-ice action in a thrilling final game, Cherry choose to focus on the dress code of the opposing teams.

Sporting a seasonally themed blue and red number, Cherry argued that the Canadian team deserve praise because they wore suits and ties to the game, while the Swedes do not because they chose to wore wind suits. Track suits and jackets are, by the way, the most common road-attire of choice among teams in all of Canada’s main junior hockey leagues.

“Our kids dress up after every game, they go to practice, and they dress up with shirts and ties. We look good, and we are the best. I know were not supposed to say that in Canada, you know, that we are the best, because we’re supposed to be second best all over the world.”

Canada defenseman Jake Bean and Sweden forward Axel Jonsson Fjallby collide during the first period in the gold medal game of the world junior hockey championships, Friday, Jan. 5, 2018 (AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes)

Cherry then made a point of listing all the major titles Canada holds in hockey right now, making sure to profess his love for how great Canadians are before taking a weird, ironic little jab at “left wing media,” from his perch at the CBC.

“We are the best. I know our left-wing media hates to hear that because you read about how great the Swedes are,” he said. “We dress good, we have good code, we have good sportsmanship, we are the best; we’re different than other people.”

Another classic segment from Cherry, but between all of his musings on Saturday night, suggesting the Maple Leafs would have to give up a player like Mitch Marner to acquire third-pairing blueliner Erik Gudbranson from Vancouver was by far the most egregious.

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