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Finding 1,000% Returns

Jeff Remsburg

Matt McCall has a history of finding 10X winners and will reveal his system for finding them next week

Have you ever had a 10-bagger?

That’s the term for a stock that’s gained 10-times its original investment, or 1,000%.

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Most people haven’t — and won’t. You can be a great investor and still never find a 10-bagger. That’s why I’m so impressed by the track record I’m about to reference.

Over the past 10 years, our own Matt McCall has recommended 16 different stocks that have gone on to rack up 1,000%+ gains.


Again, that’s in just 10 years. Most investors can’t claim one 10-bagger in their entire lifetime.

I bring this up because next Wednesday 7/31, Matt is doing something special. He’s holding a live event called the 10X Innovation Summit.

In short, he’ll be walking attendees through the strategy he uses to find these 10-baggers, as well as the specific sectors he’s looking at today, which are most likely to produce similar monster winners. He’s even going to reveal — for free — several stocks that could be among his future 10-bagger list, including his #1 recommendation today.

Given this special event, between now and next Wednesday, we’re going to feature Matt a bit more here in the Digest. Specifically, we’re going to highlight some of the trends Matt is following, which are the ones most likely to produce tomorrow’s 10-bagger.

You see, Matt is a thematic, or “trend” investor. That means he identifies major trends that are re-shaping our world, and by extension, the investment markets. He looks to find the investing implications of these trends and ride them higher for years.

Think of trend investing like surfing. You can have the best surfboard in the world, but if the ocean is offering you tiny 1-foot waves, you’re not going to get much of a ride. But on a 10-foot wave? You’re in for a treat. Now, what about a 25-foot wave? A 50-foot wave? You basically just hop on … then hang on.

In surfing, the trick is finding those monster waves. Matt specializes in finding the monster waves of the investment world. In large part, that’s what’s behind his enviable track record of 1,000%+ winners. It’s about finding and hopping on the right trend, then hanging on for the ride.

In today’s Digest, we’re going to give you a broad overview of a handful of these trends. It will help set the stage for the special, live event on Wednesday, where Matt will give additional details and specific stock names.

Let’s dive in.

***The trend for which Matt is best known is legalized marijuana

While tons of analysts are just now jumping on the marijuana bandwagon, Matt’s been recommending marijuana companies since 2014. His experience and longevity in the industry has resulted in many of his picks soaring hundreds, even thousands of percent.

Recently, there’s been Innovative Industrial Properties, a unique marijuana REIT. Subscribers who acted on Matt’s guidance locked in 2X gains on a portion of their position in just a matter of months. The remaining open position is up 216% as I write.

There’s also Akerna, which was the name given to the merger between MTech Acquisition (MTEC) and MJ Freeway. This time around, Matt’s readers who followed his instructions sold a portion for a massive return of roughly 6.5X … most of it coming in only a handful of days.

But while these gains can be life-changing, the marijuana space is evolving. With so much money pouring into the sector, and interest so high, Matt has said he wouldn’t be surprised if we see a short-term correction. And in recent weeks, if you’re a marijuana investor, you may have seen a pullback in some of your positions, which begs a question — is this trend still in place?

Here’s what’s critical to remember …

Don’t let short-term volatility shake you out of long-term wealth.

Matt recently wrote to this point:

Anyone who says the bull market in legal marijuana is over just because the market is “short-term overheated” is revealing a deep ignorance of business trends and investment history …

I encourage you to view the legal marijuana market like a seasoned growth investor views it. Make the intelligent distinction between the very short-term picture and the long-term picture … and focus on the long-term picture.

I’m a visual guy, so here’s how I imagine this situation.

While a short-term, reactionary investor may focus on this …

A long-term, wealth-focused investor has the wisdom to pull back and see the big picture …

***But what’s going to lead to this growth after such big gains already from select marijuana companies?

In short, we haven’t seen the tidal wave of wealth that will pour into the sector after we see some sort of national legalization here in the U.S.

You see, full legalization would remove legal roadblocks, enabling huge institutions, pensions, and funds to invest in the marijuana space. That would open the floodgates for a new wave (and a far bigger one) of investment dollars. Investors that get there first will benefit from that rising tide.

So, where are we with legalization?

Matt has recently pointed toward the progress being made on both the SAFE Banking Act and the STATES Act.

Regular Digest readers recognize both of these bills since we’ve written about them numerous times in past issues. And we’ll continue to update you as advancements come from Congress and the Senate, so I won’t dig into additional details on them right now. But here’s Matt for the broad takeaway:

At least one of these bills will likely be passed in the coming months, and possibly both. Either would be a major step toward legalizing marijuana in the U.S.

Next, we have the 2020 presidential election. If you’ve been watching the Democrats vie for nomination, you’ve probably noticed something — nearly every Democratic candidate has called for legalization of even recreational marijuana, as well as for the expungement of federal charges related to cannabis.

This means if the Democrats take the White House, odds favor a marijuana-friendly president who will be quick to sign reform legislation.

And if Trump remains in office?

Here’s Matt for his take:

I have attended a few cannabis conferences recently, and I stay in touch with industry insiders. In just the last few months, I’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of insiders who expect President Trump to introduce a bill to legalize marijuana. Based on what I’m hearing from them and people who have connections in D.C., the odds of the president introducing such a bill are now well above 50%.

Matt goes on to discuss Trump’s desire for another term and what a tight race it will be.

Back to Matt:

If legalizing marijuana can swing some moderate Democrats to his side, he will not hesitate. I and others I talk with increasingly believe President Trump will strike preemptively and legalize marijuana before the election.

Beyond that, we have pressure on the DEA to remove marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. Then there’s pressure on the FDA to establish guidelines for the sale of cannabidiol (CBD). And there’s pressure on states to push for reform due to the huge volume of tax revenues they can generate through legal marijuana sales — which they don’t want to see going to neighboring states that might have legalized. As more states pass reform legislation, it puts increasing pressure on the federal government to legalize too, given the awkward inconsistency.

When we look at all of this together, it points toward a simple takeaway: huge gains are still in store for marijuana investors. Yet since this is just an overview of the space, I’ll stop there.

But here’s Matt for the long-term takeaway:

… U.S. marijuana stocks are one of the best buying opportunities in the entire market, not just the cannabis sector.

***Marijuana is just one of several trends that Matt believes will produce 10X winners

Let’s briefly touch on three others that Matt is incredibly bullish on today.

Precision Medicine: America’s health care system currently lacks the ability to treat us as unique individuals — with different genetic makeups, varying diets, and different environmental exposures (think of the ecological variability throughout the U.S.). Given that, doctors frequently resort to treating patients with “one size fits all” procedures and medicines.

Here’s Matt, for how this is going to change:

Soon, we’ll say goodbye to those types of treatments. That’s because the age of customized, “precision” healthcare is getting started. The result will be a massively improved healthcare system … and some of the biggest wealth building opportunities of your life …

Matt tells us that the biggest wealth-building opportunities are no longer in the old school big pharma names like Johnson & Johnson. They’re in precision medicine and the companies that will enable it. Back to Matt:

… thanks to cheap and widespread genome sequencing, digital record keeping, and artificial intelligence, we’re about to enter an amazing era of precision, personalized medicine … one of the greatest wealth-building opportunities of your life.

The Internet of Things: The Internet of Things is the name we’ve given to the coming (and partially here) world of connected machines and their support systems. This means everything from cars, to homes, refrigerators, heating systems, lighting systems, medical devices, industrial machines, oil rigs, construction equipment, elevators, ships, etc.

All of these things will use advanced technology to self-monitor, monitor their surroundings, and communicate with humans and other machines via the internet.

According to Matt, Cisco reports 500 billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things by 2030. This will drive IoT-related spending to grow 55% and pass $1 trillion by 2022.

One aspect of the IoT that Matt is focusing on in particular is “predictive maintenance.” Instead of humans monitoring machines and fixing them when they break, predictive maintence will spot — and fix — those problems before anything breaks down.

Here’s Matt on the impact of this technology:

(Predictive maintenance) is what will drive businesses around the world to spend hundreds of billions of dollars with companies that are making the IoT possible. That’s what will create a big tailwind for companies like Rockwell Automation (ROK, automated factories), Cognex (CGNX, machine vision), and Nokia (NOK, networking equipment) …

Fixing small problems before they become big problems.

That’s what makes the IoT one of the most valuable technologies — and one of the most promising investment trends — in the world.

Artificial Intelligence: By now, most people know the basics of artificial intelligence. In a nutshell, “AI” is extremely sophisticated software running on extremely sophisticated computers. This combination is becoming so powerful that computers are starting to “think” for themselves. The implications are incredible … and economically, they run into the trillions of dollars.

From Matt:

AI will create value for individuals and businesses and change the world just like conventional software has … only in a bigger way. It will lead to stock market gains in the 4,000%-34,000% range, just like conventional software has …

Matt goes on to say that as advanced as software has become … as much time and frustration it has saved the human race … it’s nothing compared to what’s coming. Software as we know it is about to take a quantum leap in power and usefulness … and this is courtesy of artificial intelligence.

Here’s Matt’s final takeaway on the opportunity:

As an investor who knows how software’s ability to save us money, time, and frustration can lead to 100-fold investment gains, I’m so bullish on AI that I’m foaming at the mouth.

***Please join us on Wednesday July 31 for more details on these trends and additional ones we haven’t been able to cover today

We’re standing on the cusp of massive wealth creation. Whether through tectonic structural changes, like the removal of longstanding legislative barriers related to marijuana — or through technological advancements that are paving the way to trillion-dollar investment markets, the amount of money to be made by wise investors over the next decade is staggering.

Join us next Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time to learn how to invest today — from a veteran who has an established, proven history of finding 10X stocks. It’s a free event, with no obligation. And remember, Matt will give away some stock recommendations. To be a part of the evening, just click here.

We look forward to bringing you more details on these major trends over the coming days here in the Digest.

Have a good evening,

Jeff Remsburg

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