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Framework from flow cytometry manufacturer is saving labs millions of dollars by offering future proofed technology

Stratedigm flow cytometer manufacturer, highlighting their exclusive framework, helping labs to optimize work space and avoid costly replacements.

San Jose, California --News Direct-- Prodigy Press Wire

Stratedigm, a pioneering flow cytometer manufacturer, employs an exclusive framework to help labs optimize the use of existing flow cytometers and avoid costly replacements. A carefully crafted six-pronged strategy maximizes product development efficiency for state-of-the-art flow cytometers, ensuring exceptional performance and value.

Stratedigm shares the framework it uses to keep existing cytometers in use and prevent labs from having to purchase new and expensive ones.

The company empowers customers with an upgradeable approach, allowing them to update software and hardware on their existing instruments to the latest generation. CEO Shervin Javadi emphasizes Stratedigm’s commitment to customer needs, lab budgets, and environmental sustainability, stating, "At Stratedigm, we believe that products should be future-proof to honor our customers and minimize our environmental impact."

Shervin views Stratedigm's cytometer purchasers as more than customers – he aims to cultivate lasting relationships. He believes that building a strong brand requires providing access to the latest technology without the drawbacks of rendering legacy products obsolete. According to Shervin, enabling labs to operate existing cytometers while accessing cutting-edge innovations fosters agility and accelerates industry-wide technological advancements.

Stratedigm's methodology focuses on six S strategic imperatives: size, scalability, sensitivity and resolution, software, security, and sustainability. The emphasis on size acknowledges the need for compact cytometers in labs with limited space. Stratedigm anticipated this need almost two decades ago while architecting their groundbreaking flow cytometer, the S1000. Shervin believes that this forward thinking approach to design is the basis of offering a future-proof system.

Scalability, Stratedigm’s second strategic imperative, ensures products can be customized and upgraded over time, accommodating growing research needs. This unique feature ensures customers can benefit from expanded product offerings, including lasers, detectors, and a comprehensive AI-enabled automation suite. By avoiding the need to purchase new machines as research requirements change, Stratedigm’s customers are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital equipment purchases.

Stratedigm’s third imperative, sensitivity and resolution, ensures that the company’s cytometers offer best-in-class performance. Stratedigm’s S1000 cytometer offers industry leading sensitivity and resolution to tackle demanding applications such as dim signal analysis and microparticle detection. Based on four US patents, the S1000 is designed and manufactured in the United States to offer users a no-compromise product that is not only compact, flexible and future-proof, but also has the performance to propel groundbreaking research.

According to Shervin, software development is the team's biggest challenge. He states that “We excel at creating a flexible and powerful software suite that seamlessly integrates with our hardware. However, maintaining user-friendliness is a significant challenge. Our strong relationship with users and proactive feedback collection from experts and beginners alike are vital in ensuring our software remains easy to learn and use. We continuously enhance it by adding new features and capabilities, including an integrated AI engine to take full advantage of our automation capabilities.”

Shervin believes that purchase security is a key driver behind choosing analytical instrumentation. To this end, Stratedigm is one of the few companies that backs its S1000 flow cytometer with a standard two-year warranty. Stratedigm’s decision to offer a standard two-year warranty was informed by years of reliability data from the field.

This data not only proved that the company’s attention to quality and reliability had achieved its goal to ensure customer purchase security but that there was an opportunity to share cost savings with their user base. Beyond offering a best-in-class warranty, Stratedigm is planning to launch a revolutionary program that will elevate purchase security to a new level.

This program, named Flowraissance, will extend success sharing initiatives with existing customers in a way that fully demonstrates the power of the company’s long-term strategic vision. Stratedigm expects the official launch of its Flowraissance program in Q3 of this year.

Stratedigm’s final strategic imperative is providing an anti-obsolescence guarantee to its customers.

“I’m a firm believer that we make the world we live in, and if we are truly going to make an impact on the things we care about, like the environment, then we have to step away from the conventional way of thinking that has been around since the industrial revolution,” says Shervin. “Our anti-obsolescence program is the epitome of our business model. It enables us to form strong relationships with our users based on both environmental and economic sustainability and prosperity rather than the conventional model of revenue generation through product obsolescence.”

Since its launch as a four-laser, eight-color system in 2008, customers who have chosen the S1000 as their analyzer have had an upgrade path to the newest and latest technology, which has evolved the platform to an eight-laser, 32-parameter system.

“We are very excited about introducing the latest generation of the S1000 in Q4 of this year, both as a revolutionary new flow cytometer with spectral analysis capabilities and as an available upgrade to all our valued customers”, says Shervin.

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